Analysis of ‘The Door’ for Change - Miroslav Holub

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Mirsoslav Holub’s poem ‘The Door’ deals with the theme of change. The poem suggests that individuals should shift beyond their comfort zones and open themselves to the possibility of change. The door symbolises new opportunities and emphasises that individuals need to take action to expand their horizons. The repetition of the imperative command, ‘Go and open the door’ establishes the urgency for the need of change. This makes the reader consider what the opened door would reveal to us. The door is a dual metaphor, as it represents what restricts us as well as a doorway for new prospects.

It also implores readers to take a chance and change as a result of exposing themselves to the outside world. The italicised word ‘maybe’ however, cautions individuals that change may be challenging.

It also suggests that what lies beyond the door will be different to everyone. Holub uses negative, animal imagery to show that what individuals may uncover is common (‘Maybe it’s a dog rummaging’) and concrete imagery to give a possibility that what they encounter will be abstract (‘a magic city’).

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These opportunities may enable the individual to surpass reality and shift into a magical world. ‘Eye’ is symbolic of the windows to the soul. Holub uses this symbolism to imply that individuals can go through a process of self-discovery.

These quotes demonstrate that there are varied opportunities. ‘Fog’ represents confusion or ambiguity upon opening the door; although the poet assures readers that ‘it will clear’. Even if what the individual encounters is minor, the change is still beneficial.

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The purpose of the poem is to encourage the audience to accept change. The use of the personal pronoun ‘you’ proves that the message of the poem is directly for the reader. The poem emphasises that it is the attempt of widening our opportunities which matters, and that even whatever we encounter is minor, the change is still beneficial.

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