Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

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Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

Strength There are many things that make good hospitality and a pleasurable guest experience. For those that are passionate about working in the industry, hospitality is really about treating each and every guest as you would in your own home and comes from a passionate heart. Of course if the hotel had hospitable workers, it must also have a good leader with a good relation to his follower. In Crown Regency Beach Resort, their management is well managing with proper standards.

The resident manger also maintains closeness to his/her employees to develop team work to reach their goal. The strength of the employees is there team work that makes their work easier and fun. They also give respect to whom that is in the position like the department heads. They also give a good example to practicum students and train them with the hotels standards. Their front office staff is very nice in treating their guest, as the guest arrived they informed the F&B department to serve a welcome drinks to their guest. For me it is a gentle way of welcoming the guest.

Front-office staff welcomes the guests, give some drinks, carry their luggage and help them register if they not reserve a room yet. Most of the guest in crown regency hotel were Koreans,Taiwanes and few are Filipinos. The FO uses a universal language so that the other guest could understand and can communicate well. They also answer questions about the activities in the hotel and surrounding area. The safety of the guest and staff is secured because the hotel had lot of cctv camera. They had cctv on the lobby area, in dining area, in kitchen, in hallway, in an elevator even in rooftop they had, in pool area and many more.

Their facilities give leisure to their guest and a range of amenities designed for the comfort of the guest, including premium quality beds, air-conditioned rooms with a cable TV, safe deposit box, hot and cold shower with complete bathroom amenities and operator-assisted phone facilities, they have Jacuzzi too. A newspaper was also delivered daily in every room. High speed wireless internet access where you can keep in touch to your love ones and give entertainment also is available in lobby area. Their facilities and amenities were convenient to use and can worth your money staying in this hotel.

Weakness Manpower! That is the primary need of the Crown Regency Hotel. As what I had seen this hotel was the priority of some tourist when going to Boracay which they can relax and enjoy their vacation together with their family and friends. Every summer, Boracay is always a place where the tourist and Filipinos wants to spend their vacation and some other tourist came from different parts of the world. The tourists really need a hotel where they can stay in a few days or longer in Boracay.

When peak season came, like this summer season, there were so many check-in in the hotel. We all know that the hotel is known for hospitality industry and of course the Filipinos were also known as being hospitable people, therefore the guest should be entertained very well so that they will not get disappointed and the value of their money worth they’re stay in the hotel. The guest has many needs like when they were in other place they most feel that their at home were they stay.

This hotel was lack of room attendant and public attendant. In case of someone was on day off or leaved the ___ for the next day will be ruined, because the room attendant who was on duty, he/she will take over the assigned task for the workers who leave. He/she will take the responsibility in doing make-up room and ready room for the floors that assigned for the one who leaved. They only have two public attendants but it was ok for 4 storey hotel. If there was a function in the function room, all of the staff was really busy with their task in result of delayed serviced. In consequence they must add an additional human resource.

Another thing that I observe the weakness of this establishment was the attitude of the staff. We all know that there were some tourist guests who can’t fully understand English language, sometimes some of the staff who were talking with the guest that can hardly understand, he/she will give a bad comment with the guest. They doesn’t care if they talk that way in front of their guest because they are confident that they’re not in trouble.

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