Analysis of Real Life Hero "Superman and Me"

A Real Life Hero ‘Superman and Me’ is a novel that is based on the comic book that Alexie used to read. He learned to read with a comic. He recalls the book that he read in his childhood and made it a proper way to deal with real life with help of writing. Sherman Alexie is a novelist, writer, and a filmmaker born on the Spokane Indian reservation. From the right very beginning of the young age, he was keenly interested in reading the novel like, ‘The grapes of wrath’.

Afterward, he thought that he was not going to spend his whole entire life on the on the reservation. Then, he enrolled in Reardon High School in Washington. He was the top student as well as the good athlete in basketball too. His writing shows up an Indian American with parentage from his various clans. Sherman Alexie’s ‘Superman and me’ is a clear glimpse that shows out the American Culture.

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This essay was written in the late 1990’s. This essay deals with the past life of Alexie’s and gives out the flashback look regarding how he learned to read the books. There were many more people living on the reservation during his time. So, that he might have written this article to expand the positive ambition to the people living in the reservation. There was a time once the splinter groups were losing the ambition of learning. Seeing these all aspects he wrote the fabulous piece of an article ‘Superman and me’ to demonstrate that anyone from the poor backdrop can engage in learning.

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If we weigh the scholarly to the work of the Alexie, it can be executed that social realism can be seen clearly in the most of his creation, mostly in novels, short stories and the poems. All is that he wanted to show up the affectionate site of social existence of that age via creating the various aspects and matters. The thing that, he wanted to make the community of that age is, fairly accurate for any nation of any time.

During his time the Indian who lived in the reservation was hopeless. Also, in the 1990’s the huge invasion of the opposition moved to the Los Angeles, he sooner started to write on behalf of those minorities who were enslaved. Finally, he decided to write an article to appeal the change in Indian reservation education system by saying ‘they looked at me in bright eyes and arrogant wonder’. This statement shows up that children need an example to teach and make them learned. The main purpose of this article is that even someone from the destitute household can still be able to get involved in reading. Alexie used the anaphora to show that learning can happen at any time. It doesn’t need to get startup everything within the classroom by reading each and every line, paragraphs. There is a repetition of the line ‘I read books’, which means that Alexie is installing in the reader’s mind that reading can happen in chunk too, instead of going to big school and colleges. Like Sherman Alexie, I have to see a person like him in my country. Mr.tata. He was hated by the society in the name of discrimination.

Later on, he was not able to attend the regular classes too. He had suffered a lot. Later on, after certain years he passed their career with flying colors. Now, he is the executive director of multinational company TATA motors. Yes, it too much difficult to come up after the discrimination but Tata came up. This shows that the people like Sherman Alexie, Tata are very rare. This piece of the author was a much more inspiring piece that we had read. In the whole article, Alexis used the word like ‘loved’, ‘bright eyes’, ‘lucky’. It spread the inspirational message among the readers. None of the things are negative in the voyage about how to read. Superman name itself symbolizes that it’s compiled of power and strength. Likewise, this article Superhero symbolizes the capability to gain the goal of the way of learning.

We can see that the main motivating site was written so much greater. In the entire essay, he deliberates the concept of learning to save his own life. He describes the Superman comic book and recounts how he learned to read. He just gets high centered in the image of the superman who was breaking the door and as a result, he came to understand the words gradually.

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