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Analysis of Mail on Sunday Article on Tourism Essay

Just by looking at the titles given by ‘the mail on sunday’ and the shelter advertisment, a lot can be told.

“Is he keeping the tourists away.”

This title from ‘the mail on sunday’ almost instantly puts negative views on the person named ‘he’. This title is very effective in the way that ‘he’ is used instead of ‘she’ or ‘they’. ‘He’ is used because men are a stronger then women and so people feel more uncomfortable when ‘he’ is used. The title is also effective in the way that it gives the basic backround of the subject. By giving a small bit of information the reader wants to read on and find out all the facts.

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“The five faces of homelessness.”

The title from the shelter advertisment is clever in many ways. The title is cleverly linked to the pictures at the bottom of the page which are pictures of five homeless peoples faces. This advertisment aswell as the Mail on sunday article feeds potential readers a bit of information which makes them want to read on which is what a titles job is.

Looking at the language produced by the two articles a lot can be told. The mail on sunday article is written in an informal manner which is effective in the way that it provides a good use of emotive words and phrases. In this article all of the emotive words are used as a weapon against the homeless people. An example of this is when the article uses words like ‘dossers’ and ‘beggars’ or more effectively ‘unwanted deterant’. The emotive words alone give vital information. Effective phrases like ‘army of scroungers’, ‘hordes of beggars’, ‘traditional begging grounds’ and ‘proffetional beggars’ give the reader the impression that the homeless beg in large proffessional groups that are organized like an army. Also expressions like ‘frightening women and older people’ illistrate that the homeless are clever and threatening. The article aso tries to give the impression that the homeless are a desease by using phrases like ‘a new plague’ or even by using long discrptive sentances :

“Littered with used condoms, broken bottles, larger cans, syringes and human excrement.”

This emotive sentance is yet another example of the article suggesting that the homeless bring desease. The words ‘condoms’ and ‘syringes’ direct the reader to thinking about aids. Throughout the article emotive words are used to describe the homeless but are also used to describe towns and cities.

“Regency splendour of Brighton,”

“The network of medievel streets,”

“Magnificent abbey,”

“Historic heart of London”

These quotations are full of poetic words which describe tourist attraction cities such as London or Bath. Poetic words are used so that the reader can compare the so called ‘beautiful cities with so called ‘dossers’ or ‘beggars’. This succeeds because it helps the reader to picture a beautiful city and then think of the homeless ‘trashing’ it.

Throughout the article the word Britain is used more then six times. This is effective because it is patriotic towards Britain in the way that it tells the reader that it is their country at stake.

The use of quotations in the mail on sunday article plays a big part in the effectiveness of the article by backing up the articles statements with facts. One example of this would be when the reporter says about the beggars targeting visitors and foreigners. Later on in the article this is backed up by a quotation from a homeless man:

“The foreigners are the best catch.”

In the shelter advertisment the emotive words are used in defence of the homeless.

“My mother’kicked’ me out,”

“My landlord ‘threw’ me out.”

These quotations are examples of how emotive words are used to make the reader sympathetic towards the homeless. In this advertisment emotive words are used to tell the reader that most homeless people do not choose to be homeless. The words used in this advertisment are extreamly powerfull and are sometimes repeated because of this.

“Racial harrassment,”

“Sexually abused,”

“physicly abused,”

All of these phrases are very simular and are very powerfull.

The use of quotations in the shelter advertisment is scarce but effective. In this advertisment quotations are used cleverly by putting captions next to pictures of homeless people. One example is with the picture of the face woman on the phone.

“For three years i was sexually abused by my brother. My parents didn’t believe me, so i left to get away from it.”

This is effective because it shows that homeless people are real and that they can not help being homeless.

In an article the layout is one of the key factors of success. In the mail on sunday article the layout is outstanding and a lot can be learned from it. The most effective example of clever layout in the mail on sunday article is the big picture of the homeless man surrounded by small pictures of beautiful tourist monuments.The picture of the homeless man is clever because you can not see his face because it is covered by his hair. This is effective because not being able to see his face takes all things that are humane out of him and makes the reader see him as an animal.This is also effective because the picture of the homeless man fits the discription given by the reporter.

“Crackdown on these ugly gangs, with their torn and filthy t shirts, matted hair and pitful stories.”

The most clever and effective thing of all is the way that the big picture of the homeless man seems to be pushing away the small pictures of the beautiful monuments. This symbolises the point that the reporter is trieing to make which is that the homeless people are destroying Britains heritage.

Another clever piece of layout is where the really important and effective information is enlarged and put in bold. The bold font draws the readers eyes towards the information which makes sure that the most important piece of information is read.

“Beggars making �100 a day who threaten Britains visitors- and a �25bn industry!”

The layout of the shelter advertisment aswell as the mail on sunday article is very clever and effective. Aswell as the mail on sunday article the shelter advertisment uses bold writing and enlarged font when expressing an important point:

“Homes cost less than homelessness!”

In this advertisment the important points are also put in a box which draws the readers eyes. As said before the editor very cleverly put faces of homeless people with captions next to them proving that most of the homeless are no different to any body else. The most effective layout in this advertisment is where anti homeless statements are written in bold and then underneath statements that counter attack the anti homeless statements:

“Squatters are vandals.”

“Very few squatters damage their squats…etc

This is clever because it has an answer to attack any anti homeless statement and so the readers views on homeless people change.

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