Analysis of Human Resource Management at Dynamo Industries

As the plant is facing two major issues in terms of higher production cost and poor worker relations, the candidate should possess good interpersonal skills as well as knowledge on production processes and management techniques. It would definitely be an advantage if the candidate is promoted within the ranks as this sends good signal within the organization about opportunities for personal growth for the employees. My rank ordering of my top four choices for the Pittsburg job is George Martin, Kathy Joyce, Frank Hall and Jay Davis.

George Martin is currently the plant manager for Dynamo. George well with handling stress and interpersonal skills but he did poorly on the ability to resolve conflict. Kathy Joyce is currently a plant manager for Dynamo. She has the experience in the job and the company. She scored well on all areas and in most they build her capability to meet the job description. She also scores well in approaching stress and ability to succeed as a manager.

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Her overall interview ratings are good and her performance and her scores are not the highest.

My third choice is Frank Hall. His scores on work samples were among the highest and he scored in the normal range for intelligence and high on handwriting. Frank’s interviewer skills were high. His personality profile concerns me because ability to manage stress is mandatory in management positions and he fall in the low area. Otherwise he is in the medium range for all other personality testing. He also has experience in the field and as a plant manager.

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My fourth choice would be Jay Davis who is an assistant plant manager and has experience in management through this position in both St. Paul and Atlanta. He scores well in most of the personality profiles but a major issue was interacting with others and it might be a problem for working with other work related conflicts. He scored highest in intelligence, which leads me to believe he can meet the standards of the job descriptions. He was the lowest in work sample scoring, but highest in promotability which is keeping him from being in the top position for the job. My changes would include dropping the handwriting.

Another suggestion is to explain what the purpose of the intelligence test is or stop using it. There should also be better explanation of the criteria of the interviews. The personality profile is excellent and putting more emphasis on this would be a good idea. Also, it would be better to have an idea why each of the people applied for the position and why they feel they can do the job. In Conclusion, Looking at the various rating and the interview scores, two candidates stand out on overall selection to be selected as Plant Manager George Martin and Kathy Joyce. However, I would prefer Kathy Joyce because other than the selection evaluation scores, she is an employee of the company already.

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Analysis of Human Resource Management at Dynamo Industries

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