Analysis of Grandmother’s Song Essay

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Analysis of Grandmother’s Song

Grandmother’s Song The Poem, Grandmother’s Song, I feel most accurately portrays the definition of a pantoum. The poem conjures an image of an old woman reminiscing about the past. The structure of the poem very much portrays an old memory being accessed, the reoccurrence of lines makes one feels that she must remind her self it is in the past. The dialogue gives one a feeling that the grandmother is becoming lost in the brightness and vibrancy of her memory and then the constant reference to things as old or ancient reminds her it is in the past. The dialogue of the poem itself seems as if it starting as a memory and then changing to a vibrant and colorful song ,”Gold bracelets, opal rings, For pomelo-golden days, Tiny fingers, ancient things.”

Through this stanza the poet portrays her grandmother’s,”Tiny Fingers,” and ,”Opal Ring, As old even ancient. The constant reference to degradation regarding age makes me feel as if the grandmother is slightly bitter about her age and wishes for the things she had once in the past. The structure of this poem makes me feel that the poem is structure like someone remembering the something. The repetition of lines makes the think that it is memory stacking upon memory with her recalling different things as she remembers separate memories.

The reoccurrence The last two stanza’s both contain one line, ”A foreign tongue is learned at three,” It seems to me that at this point she might be comparing her old youthful self to her grandchildren now. The reoccurrence of the lines, ”Grand-children for whom they long,” make me think that she is thinking of her Grandchildren as she thinks of her own and eventually compares her childhood to her Grandchildrens’. That is how I feel about this Poem.

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