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Analysis of Community Service

Time Management

Time management is essential, regardless of the scope of work. Despite knowing that we need to finalize the sponsorships earlier, we had procrastinated, and resulted in relatively poor workflow. Due to the fact that we had only started searching for sponsorships seriously at week 4, we were way behind schedule and were constantly pressed by the deadline. My teammates and I had worked diligently since then, whether it was sending emails or visiting companies in search of fund. It did not feel good at all, knowing that deadline is getting closer by the minute.

Countless of sleepless nights were spent sending emails. Fortunately, we were able to secure enough funds to cover all the expenses of the whole project. This community service project had taught me that managing our time wisely is of the utmost importance, as well as prioritizing the urgent and important matters first. By doing so, chances of realizing our goals would surely be elevated greatly. Besides, we can reduce anxiety by having a more organized timetable, and in turn improves the work efficiency.

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Social Skills

Due to my introverted personality, I had always been the quiet, shy guy in the room. I had always been hesitant to initiate a conversation with someone, and most of the time, I would simply shy away. This had cost me greatly in the past, and many opportunities were lost unknowingly. Therefore, I had made up my mind and joined the sponsorship team; to expose myself to the outside world, because I know if I had not taken that step, it would cost me more than just losing opportunities in the future. I am truly glad that I took the leap. In the process of searching for sponsorships, I had honed my social skills through countless conversations, whether it was with the potential sponsors, or internal discussion with the group members. It was always the hardest to take the first step. But once I took the leap of faith, everything doesn’t seem as difficult as I had thought. The barrier that had always hindered me from talking to new people became not as intimidating anymore. Aside from that, it had also greatly boosted my confidence, even when conversing with languages that I am not familiar with. I would not be so shameless to say that I am perfectly comfortable at initiating a conversation at the moment, but i could bravely say that I am one step closer in becoming the outgoing person that I have always wished to be.

I had the opportunity to voice out my opinions during discussion, and indirectly improved my social skills.


My favorite author Ken Blanchard once said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” I could not agree more to his statement, because I had experienced it firsthand. I had always insisted on doing thing individually, doing things ‘my’ way, because I used to be blinded by my over-glorified past achievements, and always had some sense of superiority to my peers. However, I was gravely wrong, because not one person is perfect in all ways. Through various group discussions, I was often amazed by the suggestions from my teammates; from there, I know that teamwork is utterly important. In the process of preparation, my group members were willing to lend a helping hand when our team had encountered problems, even though that was out of their job scope. The teamwork that our group displayed was stunning. On the event day, everyone was assigned task that best fitted their strengths, and every single one of us worked tirelessly towards our common goal. Whenever someone felt tired and fed up, words of encouragement were given. The sense of togetherness surrounded us. Everyone had each other’s backs. That was truly a wonderful and moving scene. At the end, we were able to finish our tasks earlier because we genuinely work as a team.


Every relationship is built on the foundation of mutual respect and understanding. Otherwise, the relationship will not last long. This is also applicable to this project. For instance, whenever someone is speaking, we should always be respectful by listening and keeping conversation to a minimum. However, sometimes my teammates simply were unable to resist the urge to talk, and had interrupted the person speaking. Therefore, I would always remind them to lower the volume and pay attention to the speaker, and they would remind me the same as well when I was not paying attention. Besides, we also had to respect the decisions made by all, even when the decision somehow contradicts our beliefs. This is evident when we were choosing the official logo of our group. Even though some of us disliked the design chosen, we respected the final decision made by the masses, and no dispute had happened.

Being respectful of others is not difficult at all, but we tend to neglect it when handling trivial matters.


Being responsible is the devotion of oneself to job that you were assigned to or obliged to. Initially, I had wished to assume the position of treasurer, because I have had past experience in that field. However, after seeing that none of the group members were interested in joining the sponsorship team, I knew that I had no choice but to bite the bullet. Even though I was completely clueless of what to do, I had worked hard with some of my friends and sought advices earnestly from those who have experience. It is because I knew that taking up a responsibility that no one wanted does not give me the excuse to hand in a sloppy work. Countless days were spent on visiting companies and shops in search of funds, and hundreds of emails were delivered. Despite feeling unfair because of the heavy workload, we strived hard, so that our group does not have to be constrained by the tight budget. I am grateful that the group members responsibly completed their jobs. It was because of the exceptional team effort, this group project was able to end successfully.

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