Analysis of Carr’s Essay: “Is Google Making Us Stupid?"

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Is Google making us stupid is an article that was appeared in 2008. The whole article focuses about our overall thinking on internet and its effects on our attention. He proves his statement providing different examples and research done by different universities and many other groups of people. He argue that new technology has affects our critical thinking and reading skills. Nowadays, we don’t really care about reading and think critically about the stuff. Instead we google those in internet to get the answers in a minute.

In the very beginning, Carr also addresses us about how internet is helping us in our day to day life since it is providing us a unlimited information on various important topic. To sum up, author believes that internet is creating lots of problems with our brains.

At first carr begin the article by indicating his recent problems on concentrating and reading the whole bunch of big paragraphs of text and articles. He believe that using a lot of internet in daily basis might decrease one’s ability to concentrate on topic.

Carr review a 2008 study by university collage London, about a very new type of reading and its trueness is a information age. He argues about innate ability of speech that directly functions the brain structure. He gives a brief explanation on brain neutrons to adopt a environmental demands to become literate in new areas. In this opinion, internet is only a kind of different environment that we all are gone adapt to.

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Carr discusses, how one can lose concentration by using internet continuously. To prove this point, he provides us an example of demonstrative of neuroplasticity, a theory that states neutral circuits are contingent and flux. He also informs that internet is changing our attitude at very most top levels. He is trying to make us aware by putting that internet is kind of distracting us in a form of ads and popups. Furthermore, he also argue that internet is just making money for themselves by using users privacy and selling them to different companies. He also try to make us aware of internet drawbacks.

Ironically, the internet gives us excess to whole bunch of useful information, but it is losing our capacity of reading day by day. Firstly, we will be used to of using internet which will reduce our reading capacity on daily basis. Is google making us stupid? Carr asked himself this question. He says the more time we are supposed to be online, the more we will be losing our reading habit instead of developing them. Is google making us stupid makes up to question our own freedom. Our brain is adaptable nature, so we should be very careful not to be slaved bt technology. The bitter truth is every good or bad activity that, we do affects brain in one or another way.

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