Analysis of B School Dress Code Essay

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Analysis of B School Dress Code

Objective – to know the preference of students regarding dress code in a B school

Reason – there was a lot of debate relating to the dress code and hence we thought of picking this as the survey topic .Earlier 1st 2 days of the week students were compelled to wear formals which has been lately scrapped creating a lot of confusion in the college .

Results of the survey
A sample size of 30 comprising of students of Ibs was taken

1. Questions regarding which dress code would be ideal for a B school Formal -16
Casual – 3
Smart casual -9
Any -2

2.should formals be made compulsory in B schhol
Yes -11

3.was the college right in restricting students from wearin capris and sleevless Yes 18
No 12

4.How’s do you rate the dressing of students in B school
Good -13
Below average -4
V good – 2

5.Other comments

1. Strict actions should be taken against the students who don’t abide by the rules . 2.everyone has the right to wear whatever they feel they are comfortable with , and there shouldn’t be any compulsion and restriction . t-shirts with improper sayings or picture

4.students by self should pick on wearing formal clothing as this creates a corporate atmosphere 5.comfort is important where people have to sit forlong hours, so casual but decent clothings should be allowed.

Conclusion – maximum students believe formal clothing is the right dress code for a B school , but they need no force for the same . 19 of 30 Students think wearing capris and sleeveless does not suit the b school arena .the current rating on the dressing of the students is a close tuff between good and average .

From the comments we conclude that there is a close tiff but all believe indecent clothes should not be selected but comfort can be given preference.

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