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In a Hasbro commercial regarding a ‘Rose Petal Cottage. In which a toddler girl talks about the house and how it lets her use inanimate objects clean, cook, and take care of the ‘children’. And after the advertisement is put out to the public. And in this advertisement, the brand focuses and suggests that the little girl’s ‘interest’ is towards home and ‘house duties. So that leads me to the question over if Hasbro’s advertisement techniques for the ‘Rose Petal Cottage’ a motto our children and we should show look up too? Brands evaluate the effectiveness of their advertisement by using amounts of immediate reactions, like the amounts of questions and sales generated towards a specific ad.

For example, the audience, the people watching TV while engaging in different activities while eating or communicating, has memories of that advertisement have strengths or weaknesses. Another example is someone who casually flips/skips through the publisher or commercial may be unable to give a meaningful and/or intricate feedback about the specific.

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Yet in this case, the ad with biases a bias towards girls’ interest could turn out to not have a good conception on the topic.

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Analysis of Advertisement

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