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Analysis of A Different History by Sujata Bhatt Essay

A Different History written by Sujata Bhatt portrays the loss of linguistic communication and civilizations after colonisation in India. This verse form describes the resentment and unhappiness Bhatt felt about her female parent lingua and civilizations. Bhatt explores the thought of history. civilization and linguistic communication throughout the verse form.

Bhatt uses two enjambements in the verse form. The first enjambement negotiations about the book. which represents the civilization and the manner people should handle the books. The tone of voice used in the 2nd enjambement is more aggressive and critical.

as it described the period of colonisation when the civilizations and linguistic communication were taken off by the vanquishers. There is no rime utilized throughout the verse form. This shows that Bhatt wants to demo how serious and complex the job is. desiring the readers to believe of the loss of female parent lingua and one’s civilization. Furthermore. an sarcasm is used throughout the whole verse form. Bhatt. who cries for the loss of linguistic communication.

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used English to compose the verse form. This indicates that she is one of those ‘unborn grandchildren’ who ‘grow to love that unusual language’ making a sense of unhappiness. because even the writer herself can non talk Indian but uses English – the ‘strange language’ .

‘Great Pan is non dead ; he merely emigrated to India’ tells that the civilizations and faiths are transmitted across the Earth. ‘Great pan’ symbolizes the pantheism bing in Indian faith where everything has a God in charge of it.

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even human. Bhatt negotiations about the civilization and lifestyle traveling with people by connoting that God Pan is non seized to be but merely moved to India. This besides indicates the similarity between the faiths of the Eastern and the Western due to the changeless transmission of civilizations and life styles. ‘The god roams freely. disguised as serpents and monkeys’ portrays the credence of new faith and civilizations in India. ‘God’ represents the new civilizations and life styles. Snakes and monkeys were worshipped during the past clip. as Indians believed that there were Gods puting on them. This indicates that Indians welcomed and worshipped the new civilization and life styles. This besides exhibits the artlessness of Indians who allowed foreign faith to come in and ‘roam freely’ in India.

There is a repeat of ‘sin’ when the writer lists the manner people should handle the books. The word ‘sin’ reinforces the negative commentary and intensifies the critical tone of the verse form. Bhatt uses book as an illustration to demo people that the civilizations must be appreciated and treated carefully by adverting the tradition and usage of India in how to handle the book. Pantheism is. once more. underscored in ‘you must non larn how to turn the pages gently without upseting Sarasvati’ . Sarasvati is a goddess of cognition and art. who Indians believed to be puting on the book. Bhatt is stating the people that people should handle books merely as the manner people treat the goddess of cognition. foregrounding the importance of God and the manner people should handle them. It besides depicts the emancipation of freedom in valuing one’s civilization but non emancipating oneself with selfishness.

There is a sudden alteration in the tone of voice in the 2nd enjambement ; it is more hostile and aggressive. This alteration is supported by the rhetorical inquiries: ‘which linguistic communication has non been the oppressor’s lingua? Which linguistic communication genuinely meant to slay person? ’ This creates a sense of uncertainness and enragement. which the writer felt about the colonisation. Bhatt describes her depressions as she realizes that there are neither the oppressors non the oppressed. No 1 means to be any of those – no 1 can be blamed. In add-on. the repeat of ‘which language’ enhances the sense of criticality and uncertainness in her look. The repeat and rhetorical inquiries lead the readers to experience the shamefaced of human history.

Further sense of torture is created in ‘and how does it go on that after the anguish. after the psyche has been cropped with a long scythe pouncing out of the conqueror’s face’ . ‘Soul’ symbolizes the self-pride of Indians for being able to talk Indian and follow the Indian civilization. Scythe is a tool used to reap harvests by manus. which evidently takes much longer clip than by machine. ‘Scythe’ in this phrase represents the colonisation and unfairness. This shows that the colonisation has cut out the ‘soul’ of Indian by prohibiting the civilizations and linguistic communication. This besides reveals that Indians suffered long clip during the colonisation.

Final tone of the verse form is made in the last two lines: ‘the unborn grandchildren grow to love that unusual language’ . Sense of unhappiness and uncertainness are enhanced as it described Bhatt’s realisation of cultural effects such as the colonisation does non destroy one’s history but begins a new epoch where a new coevals of ‘unborn grandchildren’ grow ‘to love that unusual language’ – the inevitableness of cultural alteration.

Sujata Bhatt explores the subject of cultural effect and the loss of linguistic communication and civilizations throughout the verse form by depicting he experiencing about her doomed female parent lingua and civilization. This verse form leads the readers to believe back about their ain history. which may either be painful or happy.

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