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Analysis of 3 Blind Mice Essay

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I chose the story/nursery rhyme 3 Blind Mice to provide my summary and analysis on. It goes as follows – “3 Blind Mice, 3 Blind Mice… See how they run, See how they run… They all ran after the farmer’s wife, Who cut off their tails with a carver’s knife, Have you ever seen such a thing in your life? As 3 Blind Mice”. To summarize the above nursery rhyme I was able to conclude there are 3 mice and each mouse is blind. I found that the mice run and chased the farmer’s wife. I also was able to conclude that the farmer’s wife cut off all 3 of the mice’s tails.

That is all I was able to come up with as far as summarizing goes. After completing an analyzation of 3 Blind Mice, I noticed symbolism, some unanswered questions and a few other findings I previously didn’t notice. I always assumed the farmer’s wife chopped off the 3 blind mice’s tails AFTER they were chasing her meaning she was defending herself. What if the wife cut off the 3 mice tails first and they were chasing her for attacking them initially? The lyrics does not advise which order either of the above 2 deeds occurred; it just states they both happened.

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It makes you question who the aggressor was, which may determine which side you are on and the lesson you learned from the story if any. After further analyzation, I began to wonder how the mice were able to chase the farmer’s wife around if they are blind. The author put extra emphasis on seeing the way the 3 blind mice run (those were the 1st 2 lines, the only lines that were repeated twice and the only lines that did not rhyme) as if it was different than how non-blind mice run. It’s unclear if the mice were running in fear, anger, if they were running different because they got their tails cut off etc.

The author could be implying nothing good happens for people/animals with disabilities. The story seems to only highlight the mice’s deficiencies and nothing good happens for them. The last observation of my analysis is I never heard of a mouse, or even a few mice chasing a human in real life. Mice normally run from people in fear, not after them. I think symbolism was used to convey a message deeper than the simple nursery rhyme. Maybe the mice were used to represent the general public, and the wife represents their queen/leader.

When the “little people” in society try to challenge the government or top authority figures, they normally get an example made out of them (hence the tail being cut off). It is unclear if the mice lived or died after their tails were chopped, but it’s clear they were punished by the farmer’s wife. Rodents were used to represent the “little people” because when rodents become a problem, you exterminate them!!! That is what I found when completing my summary and analysis for “3 Blind Mice”. I hope I was able to provide good theories to back up my findings while changing your view on an old nursery rhyme.

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