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Analysis ICT Case Essay

In this investigation, I take the role of Pat, who is studying ICT. The team, who is organising the Lancre Festival, needs help so that they can make sure the Festival is a success. Stuart Harris, the leader of the team has asked me to help to solve some of their problems. This festival is an annual event and attracts visitors to the town.

What form any output will take

The way in which I am presenting the details about the festival to Stuart is through print outs or a visual screen display. There will be a 4-page printout showing all the details. I could also make a leaflet which could show all the information and screen shots on the web site, in which I will make for him.

The information to be output

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The festival website needs a homepage and three other pages. The home must link to the other three pages and these pages must link back to the home page.


* Heading ‘Lancre festival 2007’

* Information about the festival

* Dates

* Hyperlinks – ‘where to stay’ ‘festival event’ ‘concert;

* Pictures

Second Page (where to stay page)

* List of hotels

* Accommodation (subheadings)

* Office phone number

* Vacancies

* I must tell people to call the phone number to find out all the information

* Office address

* Pictures

* Hyperlinks – ‘home heading’ ‘where to stay’

Third page (festival events)

* Program of events

* Free events

* Map

* Showing locations of events

* Hyperlinks – home

* No pictures

* Ticket ordering events

* Headings

Fourth Page (concerts)

* 2 Pictures

* Hyperlinks – Home

* Headings

* Time

* Place

* Price tickets

The data needed to produce the output


* Hyperlinks – where to stay, events, concerts

* Piece of text about Lancre; this is shown on disc

* Pictures (on disc)

* Dates of events and festivals (pg 6)

* Type in Headings

Second Page (where to stay page)

* Address

* Telephone number (pg.6)

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