Analysing and Considering Evidence Essay

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Analysing and Considering Evidence

I have found out that when the ampage (current) increases the magnet becomes stronger and will hold more weights. On graph 1 I have circled the anomalous results. I can tell they are anomalous by comparing the graph with graph 2. Graph 2 increases steadily in a straight line, it also levels out, graph 1 does not do this. I will analyse graph 2 as it is more accurate and has the anomalous results taken out. Between 0 and 0. 2 the magnet will not hold any weights, this is because the amplitude (current) is to low.

Between 0. 2 and 0.6 this line on the graph is steadily increasing, this is because of the domain theory. When in a magnetic material all the atoms are arranged so that each side has an opposite polarity (North and South). In a material, which is not magnetic, these atoms are not arranged, therefore cannot pick up materials such as iron. In an electromagnet the higher the ampage supplied to a circuit, the more atoms are arranged. So it will gradually increase. Finally between 0. 6 and 1. 0 the line levels out, this is also to do with the domain theory.

When all the atoms are arranged, the magnet cannot become stronger. So overall, as the magnet gets stronger, due to the increase in amplitude (current), it will hold more mass. Due to what I have said I have proven my prediction to be correct. This is supported by the domain theory. !Leave This Page Blank For The Graph Page! Evaluation Anomalous Results I have shown my anomalous results in my results table in the obtaining evidence part of my coursework. I then repeated my anomalous results and put then into a table again.

The averages had been affected by the anomalous results so I worked them out again as well once I had retaken the anomalous results. My results were as I expected them to be, once I had repeated the anomalous ones. I think my results are good enough to make a firm conclusion. Problems I could have used smaller mass weights instead of 100g weights, this would have given me more accurate results as I could have found how many I would hold to the nearest gram, this would also make the results differ more as there would be less grams so it might hold a slightly different amount each time .

The only problem is that the school did not have 1 gram weights and it would have taken a lot longer to get the results. Improvements If I had more time I would take some more results after 1. 0 amps to see if I have actually reached the magnets full capacity, to do this I would take readings from: 1. 2, 1. 4, 1. 6, 1. 8, and 2. 0 Amps. I would also retake 0. 2 and maybe 0. 1 with 1 gram weights to see how much they would hold, as they would not hold 100 grams, this would also make my graph more accurate.

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