Analyse your contribution to the selection process for the position of Classroom Assistant

Assignment M2

In this assignment I will analyse the contribution of the interview and selection process that leads to the position of Classroom Assistant. I took part both as an interviewee and observer therefore I am able to compare how the different roles have contributed to the process.

Before being selected through for the position, there are three stages that each applicant must face: the pre-interview, the interview itself and the post-interview. Each of these stages plays their part in allowing the employer to carefully select the potential candidate.


When applying for a position or job role, it is essential that an application form is presented and that the candidate must meet the criteria as identified in the person specification in order that they have the required skills and qualifications to get offered the job.

As an interviewee, I have completed an application form that describes my qualification and experience with children. It also has my information and previous employment as well as any disability or illnesses.

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It is important that all these details are included correctly so that the workplace can make necessary arrangements in order to deal with the situation. As important skills to work with children are needed, I included my communication and outgoing skills, as well as listening and understanding. I made sure that it was neatly represented and wrote it in black ink and block capitals. I was also able to meet essential criteria as I found them attached on the website and ensure that it was clear that I met the needs.

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As an interviewer it is important that the candidate come prepared and organized with a full interview pack that includes every piece of material requested from the interview panel. This will higher their chances to better opportunity and will also show the employer that they are committed and have what it takes to take on the role as a Classroom assistant. It is also important that the interviewer gets a report from past references as so that he/she knows if you are capable for the job. References will recommend you for the position and will tell your employer what makes you a strong team member or weaknesses that you could possibly have.

It is also important on what kind of interview gets chosen as a process of assessing candidates for this position. During our interview process, each candidate was able to get interviewed by the same interview panel and get asked the same amount of questions in the same way and then get assessed from there. This was possible because only 11 candidates had applied and therefore it was an easy process to carry out. Also because the observer is there to assess candidates, it is easier for the employer to pick who is really suitable for the assigned position. In the same way, there was no need to take aptitude tests or any kind of questioning as it couldn’t have been shorter listed. And because the interview was carried out by a professional who has been involved in recruitment for so long and know that requisites for the post there was no need for the process to be shortened.

At the end of the process, one candidate has to be selected for the job post to be offered. This can be done in many ways, however as an interviewer, it is best to write a job offer letter because it is polite and formal and the candidate can more than likely receive it which also saves on time and costs. On the other hand, applicants who didn’t get through will get a job rejection letter instead.


This is the process where the interviewer has a formal meeting with the interviewee finding out why they want the post and what makes them a good staff member compared to the others. As an interviewee I needed to make a good impression to boost my chances by arriving early, dressing smart, showing my personality through being formal and smiling and stating why I would really love to work for them.

It was also important that as an observer I made it clear that every detail and personal information was going to be strictly confidential and that everybody had an equal and fair opportunity to get the job, therefore seating arrangements and questions were exactly the same for every interviewee and questions could not be asked by me to make interview unfair. I also needed to make sure that the interview was carried out in a Health and Safety policy environment free of any possible danger or harm that could be caused by equipment.

An interview check-list is needed and useful for both sided of the interview panel as it contributes to the process because for the interviewee can know what needs to be included in the interview pack and provide necessary information while the observer or interviewer will use it as a method to ensure that all points they are looking for are being covered. This will also help control the interview because it is mannered and well organised and interviewers are able to control their time and decide what to say for each question. As an observer, notes were also taken to keep on track of the candidates’ performance in order for rank to be given at the end and meet the decision criteria and right documentation.

Communication between the interviewer and interviewee is important because as an interviewee I had to make sure I was listening carefully to questions so that I could give the correct answers, however this was also made easy as I already had an interview questions document already prepared. This is also important because it showed the interviewer that I am capable of listening and communicating well therefore able to work under command and instructions given. I also used body language to make the interview more interactive and make more impression using eye contact with both the interviewer and observer which made them more interested to hear what I had to say. Questions that were used were all open questions which gave me the ability to explain and satisfy them with my answers.

As an observer I noticed that communication between the candidate and interviewer were quite tense but body language tend to loosen the tension and make the interview more relaxing. I listened carefully to answers in order to take accurate notes and able to give feedback to the employer. The candidate came across really clear and I was able to notice that they were confident in their position and therefore it helped with the process even more.


After the interview, this is the final stage of the process in which some candidates are rejected and others are offered the post. It is also referred as recruitment because the candidates are gives a response based on their interview and therefore then judgement is made as to who gets picked.

I informed candidates about their interview giving them feedback on what were their strong points and weak points where they could have improved via phone call. This makes it seem more professional as it shows the interviewee that the employer is making effort in reaching them and sending them their best of wishes for their future career. As an interviewee feedback will be used as a way of improvement for the next job offers and interviews coming ahead. However before candidates could be informed if they were unsuccessful, a job offer was made to the applicant that was selected.

This took place before rejection letters were sent out because if the selected candidate decides to refuse the offer because of lost of interest or new employment, then the employer would pick the next person in line that was likely to get offered. This will therefore save restarting the whole process again as the employer is assure that the selected candidate accepts the offer before telling the others that they weren’t as successful and did not meet their standards.

As an observer I also asked for feedback from the candidates who apply as to hear from them how the process could have been improved and what changes could be done for next time. I took all answers into consideration as it will give better opportunities to other candidates to make a successful interview. I would also check the selected candidate’s reference to hear their point of view on the candidate.

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Analyse your contribution to the selection process for the position of Classroom Assistant

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