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Analyse the dramatic Essay

Analyse the dramatic importance of the end of act one of ‘A View from the Bridge’ Aurther Miller is play writer of ‘A View from the Bridge’ who uses a range of technique to illustrate the importance of the play, such as stage directions and language. At the end of act 1, Miller creates an atmosphere that Alfieri is weak where he says “I was so powerless” indicating that even a lawyer who should be confident on what to do, was clueless.

Further to this there is a suspense tension on what will happen next, where Alfieri visits an old lady to question about the fate of Eddie Carbone. The last statement of Alfieri after his discussion with the lady ends with, “And so I waited here” which gives a sense to the audience that Alfieri himself fears that a disaster will happen and so we are curious and anxious to find out. In the next part of the extract, it opens up as they are a big ecstatic family, as normally Catherine boosts about Rodolfo about what he did.”

They went to Africa once. On a fishing boat (Eddie Glances at her) its true Eddie” representing Eddie doesn’t really want to know what they did. As the family talk about what the 2 submarines, Rodolfo doest want to contribute in the conversation therefore he sits near Catherine while she is “reading a magazine” On stage while they were Talking about fishing boats Eddie especially concentrates on what Marco says and replies back to him in a very quick speed, “Marco: sardines.

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Eddie: sure. (laughing) how are you gonna catch sardines on a hook?” Seeing that the 2 boys were having an argument. Beatrice steps in and tries to change the subject. The mood and atmosphere is very cheerful as Catherine goes on about Rodolfo’s adventure. Eddie then jokes about that they “paint oranges to make them look like oranges” Marco then reacts to eddies joke thinking that he is telling the truth. Rodolfo is helping his brother by changing the subject “lemons are green” there becomes a conflict between Rodolfo and Eddie .he therefore reveals his ignorance “for Christ sake”

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