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Analyse Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles Essay

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These two findings are very important as they provide the reader with shocking information. This is because we discover that Mr and Mrs “Stapleton” are actually husband and wife. Even more we realise that Mr and Mrs “Stapleton” are actually the Vandeleurs. As a result of this great deception the finger points to Mr and Mrs Stapleton as being the murderers. This information is the most vital information which will help to solve the mystery. There are points in the novel where events simply provide Watson and Holmes with information.

The events which provide information are almost always false leads which create a sense of uncertainty as to who is the criminal. “Go back to London! Start tonight!… Hush my brother is coming! ” chapter 7 This quote is said by Miss. Stapleton to Dr. Watson as she mistakes him for Sir Henry. This prompts Watson to investigate further into the Stapletons as it is very mysterious as to why she would like Sir Henry to go back to London. This is because she doesn’t want her brother Mr.

Stapleton to find out that she has said this and when she discovers that she was actually talking to Watson she takes back her comment. This was actually a false lead as we discover in the later part of the investigation, which was put in by Conan Doyle so the reader is kept in suspense as to whether she had a hand in the death of Sir Charles until the di?? nouement. Even though there is the interviewing of people in “THOTB”, they don’t provide their own version of events of the crime. Dr. Mortimer is the only person who really provides Holmes with information of what he thought happened at the murder scene.

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Conan Doyle has used a different approach to the nature of the investigation because most of the information is gathered behind the scenes or events provide information. By doing this Conan Doyle has made his novel unique and perhaps more interesting than the typical investigation as there is a greater anticipation as to whom the killer could be. Sherlock Holmes fits the profile of a classic detective very well and this is evident in “THOTB” from the start of the novel. The detective is usually more or less socially isolated and referred to as a “loner”.

We can see this in “THOTB” from the fact that Holmes only “socialises” with Watson, but then one could argue that he only socialises with Watson because he enhances his intellect by comparison. Holmes does not have any family and the fact that he rests upon the moor for a lengthy period of time suggests that he is used to being alone. “I knew that seclusion and solitude were very necessary for my friend in these hours of intense mental concentration in which he weighed every particle of evidence… “

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