An Overview of the Nursing Process

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The nursing process is very important in the care unit as it is commonly used by different types of nurses during their shifts. The procedure necessitates the nurses to deliver quality services and provide the patients with the required care. The process is undertaken to enhance the identification of the problem, solution, and the treatment. Moreover, it provides a framework for the nursing practice during the treatment and recovery process of the patients. First, the most important step is to assess the data based on the various field of treatment procedure and requirements.

The assessment enables the nurse to understand and identify the type of disease that the client is suffering from.

The stage entails; lifestyle factors, sociocultural, economic, psychological and physiological data. In this case, upon a patient’s hospitalization, the nurse is expected to examine the physical causes and understand the client’s responsibility to proper medication measure. In this regard, the patient is then diagnosed based on the clinical judgment from the response on health condition.

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It indicates the complications or pain that the patient is going through at that particular time. The diagnosis determines the type of care plan that is needed by the patient during treatment. Based on the results of the assessment and diagnosis, the nurse is able to set measurable and attainable short and long term objectives that will enact the recovery process of the patient. For instance, checking on the diet, counseling, and managing pain via adequate medication. The steps are recorded in the patient’s care plan, therefore, the nurse and other health practitioners have access to the information.

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Accordingly, the care plan help in the implementation of the medication, treatment, charges and discharge assurance. Using the care document, the nurse effectiveness and the patient’s progress is evaluated to enhance care plan modification by the Medicare management. The nursing process is critical in any health care unit as it necessitates the assessment, diagnosis, and evaluation the treatment procedure and the patient’s recovery. Nurses use a care plan to record the treatment measure and the patient’s progress in the long run since admission to discharging time. The care plan helps the nurses and other health professionals to evaluate the treatment and modify the procedures if need be.

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