An Overview of the Continuation of the Academic Success

Continuing Academic Success

Developing good habits for learning while pursuing an education will assist students in continuing their academic success outside the walls of the university and into their homes and careers. Kick things off to a bright start by creating educational and career goals that will shape your journey to success. Take advantage of the resources that are provided by the school. Seizing all opportunities gives students the chance to improve on skills they may or may not even know they need help on.

In the end, students will be able to understand what learning style and environment works best for them. Another good habit students should practice is maintaining their academic integrity. Maintaining an honest education and learning good habits are important because they add value to a degree and ensures all students have received a quality education responsibly.

Educational and Career Goals

When you set goals for yourself, you give yourself the opportunity to self-reflect on the things you really want you want in life.

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Start by setting long and short term goals both academically and career wise. By breaking down your goals you give yourself a moment to relax and keep your motivation from waning. An academic short term goal could be to pass your current course or to ace the next test. A long term goal would be getting your degree. Career wise, securing an entry level position could be a short term goal and getting that promotion could be your long term goal. “Be career ready.

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This does not only mean students should be prepared to join the workforce. Being career ready refers to the students mental and physical ability to set goals, whether they are educational, personal, or career goals, and through all the ups and downs.

University Resources

It is always beneficial to a student when they are provided with an unlimited amount of educational resources. Using the available resources allows them to enhance their knowledge, improve their skills and to gain an advance in their studies. They are able to get the help they need, when they need it. This also helps them to engage more in their learning process and focus more on what they can improve. Resources like the University Library, Phoenix Connect, Career Center, etc., can help you stay on track with your studies and gives you a chance to connect with others who share the same vision or issue as you do. It is easy to gain access to and always ready to be used when you need them. “College students found it significantly easier to use online resources because all they needed was a computer and the internet to gain access to their resources. The cost was cheaper and you did not have to worry about damaging the actual book because all the text was found on their devices” (Bliss, Robinson, Hilton, & Wiley, 2013).

Writing Process

When completing a writing assignment, students must go through proper channels to insure their paper is following school and as well as their instructor’s policies. “Competent writing skills are an essential learning outcome of college and university curriculum. Both basic writing mechanics and compositional styles used in discipline-specific occupations are necessary for effective job performance” (Coyle, 2010, p. 5) The first stage of the writing process is called Prewriting. Students collect their ideas and put them together on paper to create an outline. The second stage is the Writing stage. Students write freely and turn their outline into their rough draft. The next stage is to Revise or Edit. This gives students a chance to reshape their essay by adding, removing or replacing information. Check for any grammatical errors, unintentional plagiarism, spelling or even simple punctuation errors. Students can now publish their work. This is the end of the line for an essay and it is now ready to be submitted. Take the time to look over the assignment one more time just to be sure little errors were not missed. Sources should be vetted to guarantee that the information being used is credible and reliable. Credit should also be given to the author or the original source by citing them in the reference page and at the end of every direct quote or when paraphrasing in text.

Personal Learning Style

Understanding your personal learning style is important in a student’s journey through each course because it allows them to identify what methods of learning work best for them in what environments and under what situations. This can also help them concentrate on what they need to work on academically and personally. Using the Ethical Lens Inventory, I learned that I need to think about others when I am aiming to accomplish a goal instead of always thinking I know best. I understand that I learn best when I see things visually. For instance, I learn better when I get to watch a video about the topic or even just sitting through PowerPoint presentation. Knowing certain information that otherwise we are blind to will benefit us in the long run academically and in the workforce. There is always room for improvement and if we know what our strengths and weaknesses are we will know how to overcome learning obstacles and achieve great success.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is when a student chooses to follow the policies that are set by the University. If you consistently act with honesty, then people will know that you are a person they can rely on. Maintaining academic integrity adds value to your degree because it proves that you did all the hard work on your own even when faced with temptation to cut corners. Students uphold confidence and pride knowing that all their effort has resulted in receiving that degree.

Employers would rather hire a graduate who has a firm belief in academic and personal integrity and can uphold their core values rather than graduates who do not. Academic integrity ensures that you have received a quality education and also shows others where the learning bar is set and that the program or course is a working success.

In conclusion, setting educational goals whether they are short or long term will give the student a better insight on where they want to go and what they want to achieve while pursuing their education. It also helps students see what skills they still need to develop. Taking advantage of educational resources allows students to get the help they need to progress and also allow them to find what learning style and environment works for them. Maintaining academic integrity is essential for students because it strengthens their core values and also gives worth to all their hard work. It proves to them and to others that they are ready to join the workforce and to become an active member of their community.

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An Overview of the Continuation of the Academic Success

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