An Overview of Single Sex Education

Single sex education, known as single-gender education, is the practice of conducting education where male and female students attend separate classes or are in separate buildings or schools. There are many flaws and advantages for parents deciding that their children go to single sex schooling. Both male and female genders tend to do better in different areas of learning, also different parts of the brain can contain different information. Some students tend to excel in co-ed schooling specifically male students because of the competition with female students.

Unlike, female students most accurately do better in single-gender education such as an all girls school oppose to a public school. School is a place for learning and the most important part of school is not to be socializing.

Although co-ed schools are the first choice for most parents, single sex schools are just as good. In single sex schools, students don’t have to worry about sexual attraction of the opposite sex. This enables the students to pay more attention to their studies and less on social situations.

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Furthermore, single-gender schools provide much more than educational benefits they also provide social stability and a decrease in violence in schools towards female students in the cases of harassment, rape, bullying and even murder. With this said, single-gender education may just be the way to go as a parent to send their child/children.

To begin with, single sex education is highly important to parents due to the fact that the parents want their children to succeed and be successful students.

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Parents choose where their children go to for schooling but unfortunately it depends on their child/children behavior whether or not they prefer single sex education because some students tend to learn better in coeducational schools. Therefore research has shown that in the late, 1990s the uproar for single education boomed its way up once again as opposed to the late 1960s or 70s (Sax). According to the, 20072008 Private School Universe Survey, 96% of private schools are coeducational and only 1.8% of girls and 2.2% of boys are educated in single sex schools (NASSPE). Both statistics have been proven that boys and girls brains work differently and require different learning skills. In addition, private schools are becoming more popular with coeducational learning but still some students lack to excel because of the gender roles.

Secondly, there are many advantages and disadvantages for attending a single sex school or a co-ed school because the learning could be a disaster for either male or female students. Many students find it easier to focus on academics when they arent distracted by members of the opposite sex. Others may find it easier to participate actively in classes where everyone is the same sex. Or others enjoy the society that often connects classmates at single-sex schools. In the book, All Girls: Single-Sex Education and Why it Matters Karen Stabiner explains, classroom distractions were often hard to ignore, and the best thing for a girl to do if she wanted to do well was to sit with the serious students (77). Distractions occur on a daily basis in classroom discussions, but some students can still focus and concentrate of the new material being taught. Unfortunately, some students would lack concentration and lose their attention to the teacher.

On the other hand, boys and girls learn differently because the different parts of the brain. Some research was shown that girls do a lot better in single sex schooling yet, boys do a lot better in co-educational schools because of the competition the girls bring. Meanwhile, the different social dynamics of the same or mixed sex classroom affect the learning experience of many students (Salomone 238). This has been proven that boys and girls learn differently at the Wamsley Elementary School in Rifle, Colorado.

There were many tests and multiple studies researched at the school and now there are results that there is a difference. For example, girls have difficulty in lower learning and engagement in science and technology classes counter to, boys have difficulty in learning skills in such areas as note taking and listening, also struggles with homework (Kelley). With this in mind, boys and girls tend to learn differently and challenge each other in classrooms with coeducational schools. Additionally, boys are lagging behind girls in all states with adequate data, and these gaps are greater than 10 percentage points in some states (Chudowsky 1).

Both female and male have a wide spectrum of learning preferences and styles. Boys who are verbal, collaborative, and more emotive are more likely graphic thinkers and with girls who are visual, competitive, and less emotive are more likely listening and strategizing thinkers. To emphasize, the lack of discipline found in co-gender public schools and the disruption caused mainly by male students, which interferes with educational endeavor of young girls. Teaching to a room filled with boys is completely different than teaching a room with both genders male and female. With a room filled with male students, a teacher can be more aggressive in their discipline behavior and also the lack of distractions cause by many male students to become more attentive to studying.

Jenifer Medan, author of the article, “Teaching Boys and Girls Separately in Public Schools” states, “The single-sex classes at Public School 140, which started as an experiment last year to address sagging test scores and behavioral problems, are among at least 445 such classrooms nationwide, according to the National Association of Single Sex Public Education (NASSPE) most have sprouted since a 2004 federal regulatory change that gave public schools freedom to separate girls and boys” (Medan). An all boys school tends to need a lot more discipline than an all girls school because the levels of testosterone are outrageous. But however with many schools becoming open and very successful parents has more of a choice in their childrens public education and the separate education crises girls and boys concur.

While single-sex education provide more opportunities base on its acceptance rate or money wise issues. It is difficult for a public educational school to compete with such high standards and rates. Children in the public school system do not deserve to have their rights violated, their education jeopardized or their morals challenged in a single-sex education experiment. Students attending private institutions usually pay large sums of money to attend such a school. Therefore, they have the right to organize, prepare, and execute an attempt at single-sex education. There are many determining factors in the outcome of the single sex system in private schools. Providing such is a voluntary experiment and everyone is on board; the school will succeed depending on the student’s level of learning and mostly all of the students success.

All in all, there are some people who believe that irrespective of whether it is a single sex school or a public school, finally it is the expectations from society and the family that influence the development of a child. However, school remains one of the primary agents of socialization. Single sex schools may have certain benefits but the fact remains that you cannot shelter your child from the opposite sex forever. Learning happens throughout life and a lot of this learning occurs through intersex interaction.

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