An Overview of Four Government Agency Websites Essay

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An Overview of Four Government Agency Websites

The FNS website is dedicated to providing information regarding the distribution and availability of food throughout the United States. In relation to this, the site also contains data on nutrition, and well it is maintained across different regions and population groups. Statistical information on child nutrition, food distribution, as well as food security are all made accessible to the public; furthermore, statistical data on FNS programs, such as those on school meals and disaster relief, are available as well (FNS, 2010).

In addition to such, other parts of the website also provide useful information. For example, accomplished studies and articles on issues in food and nutrition are also maintained in the reference section of the site. Similar to the website of other government agencies, the FNS website also contains instruction of how to apply for grants as well as jobs within the agency. Without doubt, for gaining insights on topics related to food and nutrition, and in the pursuit of remaining updated regarding the trends regarding such matters, the FNS website is a suitable option.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) At present, environmental issues are evidently among the most discussed topics throughout the world. The EPA website provides its visitors information regarding various aspects of the environment particularly in the context of the United States. In this sense, not only does the site present statistical information on air quality according to region, but similar data regarding harmful emissions are also provided; interestingly, statistics on toxic releases are also made accessible to the general public (EPA, 2010).

Also, aside from having news features about the environment, which of course encompasses the recent oil spill incident, supplementary information on how to maintain a responsible lifestyle for preserving and enhancing the natural environment are also featured in the site. In relation to such, it is apparent that the EPA website designed in a manner that even younger audiences may benefit from its features.

Nonetheless, despite being approachable by a wide range of audiences, it is undeniable that experts and researchers would benefit from the abundance of updated statistical information which may be found on the EPA website. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) The FAA, as its name implies, is mainly concerns with safety in the field of aviation. In this sense though, the issues covered by the FAA ranges from aircraft safety to pilot competency.

FAA’s website offers a myriad of information readily accessible by any visitor. For one, it provides means to locate FAA offices and headquarters throughout various locations in the United States; in addition, a range of general as well as in-depth discussions pertaining to aircraft safety, traffic, policies, and even training are all available (FAA, 2010). Of course, given such a broad range of topics being assessed by the FAA, it is logical to assume that the types of statistical information correspond to such.

In particular, statistical information on accidents, traffic, and consumer related aspects such as sales could be accessed through the FAA website; interestingly, statistical information on delays as well as pilot test results have been made available as well (FAA, 2010). Thus, it may be said, that the amount of statistical information on the FAA website, presents it as among the government agencies with the most abundant and detailed statistical information available. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Economics, in order to be understood at a functional level, of course entails the use and analysis of statistical information.

Hence, the BEA provides concerned individuals with access to updated statistical information of the United States economy. Specifically, not only does the BEA website contain data regarding the local economy and the specific facets of the economy but it also provides information regarding international accounts as well; among some of the easily identifiable examples of statistical information shown on the BEA website are as follows: real GDP, personal income, international trade, and international transactions (BEA, 2010).

Of course, aside from such, the website still contains less technical information such as news updates. For one, the oil spill incident as well as its implications for the United States economy is presented as one of the news highlights (BEA, 2010). Other related links containing business surveys, customer guides, research applications, and job openings are also available. Indeed, the BEA website contains a myriad of useful information, ranging from practical to the most technical, maintaining the economic awareness of the population.

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