An Overview of a Personal Community Service Rules

Being in Theology has made me think how good of a life that I have. The reason why I say this is for one. I have a house that I can go to when I get home, I have a bed I can sleep in. for two I also, have running water that I can drink at when ever I feel like it. While doing my community service I have learned that some people dont have any of these thing in there life they may have some but no likely that they do.

My community services included all of the Corporal Works of Mercy and the Spiritual Works of Mercy. As far as what I did it involed my sports here at Marmion Academy. And for those that dont know its Wrestling.

This sport means the world to me if it wasnt for my Trainers, and my coaches, here at Marmion. I would like to say thank you for getting on me I dont think I would have done as good as I did.

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For rules one of Corporal Works of Mercy which is feed the hungry. I have had extra lunch money that I have given to one of the students so they could eat and wouldnt wait till they got home. In another time was when I had just got done with my match that I had won my mom and dad went and got me subway. One of the other wrestlers wanted some and didnt have any food so I gave them the other half of my sub sandwich.

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The second rules of Corporal Works of Mercy is give drink to the thirsty. In this case I must say my trainers and my coaches have done this the most after my match when I needed something to drink they would either have water or a Gatorade to drink. The Third rule of Corporal Works of Mercy is Clothe the naked. Again I have to say this would have to go to my coach. Because if he didnt give me my singlet I would have wrestled in my boxers and that wouldnt have been fun at all. Also if it wasnt for my Mom and Dad I would have to come to school that way too but thank goodness they were

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