The Bruce Lee Story: Immigrant Journey, Perseverance, and Love

The Bruce Lee Story directed by Rob Cohen (1993) it has fghting, drama and all sorts of other intriguing things throughout the movie. The movie takes place from when he was born in 1940 to when he died in 1973. It is a true story about a legend that changed the martial arts world.

It is one Chinese immigrants dream to make it big in the U. S. while making new friends and creating a family while not knowing he is going to become a legend.

In the Movie Dragon you can see the understanding of being an immigrant, overcoming the impossible, and of course "love" is three main reasons Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a must watch movie. A hero is what we all look up to. Someone who doesn't necessary need super powers but can make other people believe and support them. As long as I can remember my hero has been Bruce Lee.

When I was little all I ever thought of were is movies where he was Jumping, kicking, punching and the ever famous "waaaahhhhhhh! " whenever he would hit someone.

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When I grew older I started to realize what he stood for and what kind of person he was. He changed martial arts forever with his teaching. He thought to move like water. Bruce once said "Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot.

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Now, water can flow or it can crash.

Be water my friend. (chasingthefrog) Bruce Lee coming to America at his time was hard and difficult but nothing stopped him on his way to the top. He did have hard times but he pushed through and won everyone's hearts over even the ones that once ridiculed him. His mother in law who didn't want anything to do with him soon came to love him. Bruce suffered a serious back injury in a duel. Doctors told him he would never walk again. While in the hospital, he wrote a book called Tao of Jeet Kune Do, which completely changed the world of martial arts.

He could not write the book so his wife rote it down while he talked But with his will to never stop trying and achieve the impossible he worked his way right out of his chair and back to his kung fu. In the movie Bruce Lee is played by an actor named Jason Scott Lee. Jason played in movies such as Jungle book and Balls of Fury. He became Bruce and showed his true attributes and style. He made me feel like he was Bruce and felt like he could do anything Bruce has done. The acting of all characters throughout the movie was phenomenal and replayed Bruce's life in the best way and represented/respected his ife, values and culture well.

It's full of quality actors that won't disappoint you. Being an immigrant is always tough as well as getting in a serious injury. Having to be with a completely different culture is never easy. Imagine moving to another country and having to fit in with a totally different society. I am pretty sure everyone would agree how hard that would be. And getting injured is also a very difficult thing to go through which everyone knows and understands. Being told that you will never be able to do something ever again is a lot to take in.

Then to overcome all that and achieve the impossible is almost starting a whole new life. Everyone is attracted to people doing an extraordinary thing which pulls them even more into the movie. People love, love. They are attracted to love and they love watching others love. Watching love makes them want to go find love or love their special someone even harder. So if you are a boy wanting to see a movie with a lot of fghting but you have to take your girlfriend to a movie she will like. Then take her to this one because the love in this movie is amazing.

Let me give a brief summary of the love throughout this movie. Bruce met his wife Linda while instructing one of his kung fu classes. They started dating while others watched and Judged how she was white and he was and Asian. They kept it a secret from her mother for a while but once they told her she said she wouldn't allow it. But that didn't stop them as they listened only to each other. Linda's mother soon came around and knows how great of a guy Bruce is. They went on to get married and have two children named Brandon (boy) and Shannon (girl).

Moving from country to country and back again took a toll on the family but the love was still always there. This drama throughout the movie will keep the girl grabbed throughout the whole movie and you might even get a kiss after the movie to make a little of your own love. Now you can see in the Movie Dragon you can see the understanding of being an immigrant, overcoming the impossible, and of course "love", is three main reasons Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a must watch movie. The movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story by Rob Cohen shows everything you could ask for in a movie.

I strongly encourage everyone to watch this movie and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. It has old history throughout the movie that everyone can relate too. Tie that into to jumping, kicking, loving and culture then it all turns up to be a pretty sweet movie that everyone can enjoy. Bruce had struggles throughout his life but always overcame them. He always grabs people's attention and makes people want to be like him or Just do whatever he does.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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