An Opportunity of Life in My New Home in America

I once believed that the world was filled with happiness and joy. After all, as a child, it is reasonable to see that innocence had existed in me all thanks to my loving parents who protected me from the evils around the world. I had always thought that this was a normal life, where children were to have parents that had always loved them from birth and also protected them.,.. even at the cost of theirjobs or even their lives in their OWN home country I was very fortunate to have this opportunity in which my parents had devoted their lives for the care of me and my brotheri But before entering in the new country, America, I was separated from both of my parents… I had to live with my long grandparents who was very kind and loving.

I remember every day in Korea, where I had to wait every morning for my cousins to go walk to school with me and live my life as a Korean for 2 years.

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I had always believed that the life that I was in was the life that I will always live in and by I had always believed that there would be snow every December and that there would always be familiar gas station across my window.

As a naive innocent child, I had always believed that there were no such things as the rich and the poor. I had always thought that we had all lived in an equal society where everyone was able to sustain life evenly.

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It was my naive characteristics as a child that kept my optimistic perspectives of the society and the world back then, I never had believed that crimes had existed including murder and rape. I had lived in a small bubble in which everyone was very calm and peaceful. I had continued on with this lifestyle for 2 years until one snowy day after school. I see my loving mother in front of my school waiting for me. I had been astonished by the fact that after 2 years of living with my grandparents, I was finally able to see my motheri She was there to take me back home… well our new home. My new home was not in Korea nor in Asia… in fact, it is in America, a foreign land to me.

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