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An Isokinetic exercise

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (560 words)
Categories: Activity, Health And Fitness, Health Wellness And Sanitation, Healthy Lifestyle, Sports
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An Isokinetic exercise is a form of dynamic exercise in which the speed of muscle shortening or lengthening and the angular limb velocity is held in constant by a rate-limiting device known as an isokinetic dynamometer. The Isokinetic term is means that the movement occur with the velocity of the muscle remains constant. The load is change varies to train the velocity of the limb movement.

Isokinetic Dynamometer

The benefits of the isokinetic dynamometer are that it can measure the strength of the muscle and strengthening the muscle.

It is mainly used to measure muscular strength in musculoskeletal rehabilitation with the purpose of regain the optimal form of function after injury or surgery. During the final stage of rehabilitation aims to return an individual to normal activities via resistance exercises that are usually focused on regaining muscle strength. Isokinetic dynamometer help to reduce the likelihood of injury as the resistance and speed of the exercise are controlled, straining the muscles is highly unlikely.

Other than that, the parameter of the dynamometer can be set, so the patient able to perform the same muscle in concentric mode and followed by the eccentric mode in order to strengthen the group of muscle at a time. In addition, it can accommodation to a painful arc. If a patient experiences temporary pain at one point of the arc of motion during resistance exercise, isokinetic training accommodates for the painful arc. The patient can simply pushes in less effort to against the resistance arm to move within the pain-free region through that portion of the range. If a patient cannot continue the resisted motion because of sudden onset of pain, the resistance is eliminated as soon as the patient stops pushing against the torque arm of the dynamometer.

The advantages of the isokinetic dynamometer

It can establish a quantitative measurement of the muscle performance against which improvement can be judged. This machine are more appropriate during the intermediate and advanced phases of rehabilitation when the muscle strength is 4/5 or greater or when the muscle strength exceeds the strength of the therapist. Also, it can be used to make a training effect on the strong muscle group by using the heavy load, instead of applied manually by the therapist.

It can also increase the resistance in a more quantitative and intermediate. It is useful for improving the dynamic or static muscular strength and muscular endurance. By using isokinetic dynamometer the high-velocity resistance is possible and safe .last but not least, nearly any joint action can be tested by the adjustment of the equipment.

The disadvantage of the isokinetic dynamometer

It is not suitable to use when the muscle are very weak or the soft tissue is still in the early stages of the healing process. As the equipment only exert constant external resistance maximally on the muscle on one point in the range of motion. In addition, the increase of resistance only depends on the manufacture’s increment of resistance. Other than that, the equipment is expensive and highly cost in the maintenance of the equipment. It also required a large area to install the machine.


In a conclusion, isokinetic dynamometer may improve the muscular strength of the patient. An isokinetic dynamometer is a reliable tool for isokinetic muscle performance measurement and able to assess muscle strength more objectively, than the manual resistance exercise.

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