An ironical due process system Essay

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An ironical due process system

More often than not, we get to see or read the news. We get to glance at the headlines or top stories. After that, we often come away with a feeling of sadness or revolt in us. We feel that due process has often not been served in the events that we witness in the news. But is the statement of due process advocates right? That it is better to let ten people go free rather than convict one innocent person correct? In this light, I do agree with the statement, that we should set free “guilty” people rather than convict an innocent man.

The statement seems to be noble and even speaks of a time that the system of justice will be perfect in meting out justice in our society. But that time is not now, guilty people get off scot-free and innocent people are sent to jail. Am I confusing one with the other? Let us clarify the answer. The system that we have right now may not be the perfect system. Yes, for all its faults, it is not perfect, but it is the only system that we have (FreeLawAnswer, 2007). Convicting an innocent man would be a miscarriage of justice, the thing the system wants to avert.

Yes, it fails at times, but we should believe in the system, unless chaos and anarchy runs amuck. In the final analysis, in agreeing with the statement, it is still better to let ten or more guilty people go then convict an innocent man. But in agreeing with it, I still believe that these guilty people are still within arms reach of the justice system. Maybe they will not pay their dues here, but they will pay it, one way or another. We must believe that if they escape the justice system here, definitely they will not escape the justice system of the next life.

But is it like that that guilty people can escape here and innocent people will be victims of an imperfect system? Maybe, but again, we must believe that we would rather have a system that is not perfect but in place rather than not have one at all. Reference FreeLawAnswer. (2007). Would you rather set 10 guilty people free rather than convict an innocent person. Retrieved February 13, 2008, from FreeLawAnswers website. http://www. freelawanswer. com/law/1146-3-law-4. html

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