An Introduction to the Life of George W. Bush

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As the United States leads the war on terrorism in countries such as Iraq, we are faced with many difficult obstacles. It is up to President George W. Bush, as the leader of this nation, to devise the most effective plan in order to ensure that this country will be protected. There are numerous options that could be taken into effect, but President Bush must acknowledge each one individually and evaluate them on the basis of being more helpful than harmful.

In choosing a method of action, he must carefully look at different aspects of the situation, such as what will be in the government’s best interest, the United States citizens’ best interest, groups who may contest his actions, and the legality of those actions.

Many Americans believe that President Bush should launch a unilateral attack and simply take Saddam Hussein into custody. This method of action would free the Iraqi people of his harsh reign, allowing the United States to once again prove itself as being the nation who helps all, but it would also create an outrage among his predecessors.

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It would possibly cause harm the United States and its people.

The United States, our allies, and many other countries in this world, are contemplating whether or not Iraq has weapons of mass destruction in their possession. The 1991 Cease-Fire Treaty, which was formed after the Gulf War during the first President Bush’s administration, called for them to release or properly destroy any nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon (Thompson).

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However, it is believed that Saddam Hussein has not done so and could use those weapons against the United States if we have any type of altercation with them. Perhaps Saddam Hussein and his followers would launch a nuclear bomb, targeting the United States. Millions of people and cities would be destroyed on impact and after a short period of time, once the radiation spread throughout the land, everything and everyone else would soon be brought to death as well. Therefore, it is not in anyone’s best interest for President Bush to invade Iraq and capture Saddam Hussein without further support.

A more effective method would be to gain additional support by forming a coalition with our stronger allies such as Great Britain, Russia, and France. That way, American forces could lead the way into Iraq and use ground troops to locate banned weapons and Saddam Hussein instead of waiting on weapon inspectors to report on their findings, which could be too late. America has the most elite army, so as our troops searched the land with state-of-the-art technology and fighting tactics, there would also be other forces on reserve to take action if needed. A greater force such as this might also cause fear among Iraqi leaders and encourage them to cooperate more willingly. It would be in their best interest to do as told and remain in control of their country rather than to have to be taken under foreign custody. If they are detained, then they will lose the control that they greedily possess over the citizens and the Iraqi way of life.

Perhaps the most effective method of removing Saddam Hussein from office and ensuring the safety of the remaining countries would be for the United States to wait on the United Nations to come to an agreement on how they, as a whole, are going to handle the situation. If done that way, then there would virtually be no question that Iraq would cooperate. It would be in their best interest due to being a member of the United Nations themselves. If they did not allow the United Nations to do as they see fit, then it could endanger their membership status. By not allowing outside forces to enter the country, they would practically be asking for a full-fledged invasion of the country in order to obtain peace and safety for not only the rest of the world, but for the Iraqi people as well.

Aside from choosing what plan of action to take against Iraq, President Bush must also decide which method will please the larger amount of people throughout this vast nation. That task is difficult because each individual or group of people has such different views on how issues as immense as this should be handled. The President has to make sure he does not greatly offend any one group’s beliefs, yet he has to be firm enough to properly handle the situation. Not only does he have to be careful in not offending random social and religious groups, he also has to be careful in not offending fellow party members. He must choose a method that will best reflect his political beliefs and background, for if his predecessors do not agree with the President’s decision to a certain extent, then he risks the chance of not being re-elected for another term. The President shall never do anything that he knows will intentionally harm his political career.

On the other hand, President George W. Bush must also face an internal conflict while facing this aspect of the situation. He is a man who comes from Texas- your typical country gentleman who has pride and integrity. As President, he is somewhat different than previous ones, for he has been instilled with great personal values. President Bush desires to follow his heart and honor his beliefs instead of being persuaded by the majority. He does not wish to simply do as they see fit only in order to gain respect. To a man with President Bush’s morale, gaining respect is about being a man and standing for something. He must struggle with choosing to stand for something that he truly believes in or backing down in order to obtain the best interest for his nation.

Not only does President Bush face conflicts with trying to devise an effective method to solve the problem that countries such as Iraq create, he must also acknowledge his powers. He must be sure not to violate the boundaries and restrictions that are placed upon him. In 1973, Congress passed the War Powers Act, which states that the President must notify Congress within forty-eight hours of sending United States troops outside of our secure borders. He has the power to use our troops for sixty days in any situation that he thinks is appropriate. Once those sixty days have passed, he is given the power to declare a national security emergency, which is stating that if further action is not taken immediately, then the United States is liable for attack or great harm (Introduction to American Government). The President, who must be fair and rational with his decisions, must be sure to not abuse this privilege and declare such a drastic state of emergency only when it is absolutely true.

The President also has the power, along with the approval of the Senate, to appoint leaders to perform certain tasks in order to obtain the best results. President Bush has recently done so in creating the Department of Homeland Security. He has carefully chosen a select group of individuals who he feels will do their best in order to secure this nation’s freedom and security. Along with this power of appointment, comes the power of removal. The President, along with the consent of the Senate, has the authority to demote or remove officials who he feels is not providing adequate services for their job. The President must put his personal preference of people aside and evaluate them on a professional level. He must have proper cause for wanting them removed.

While figuring out how to once again bring his nation out on top, President Bush must examine these aspects, along with countless others. We owe our eternal gratitude to our wonderful President. Avoiding conflict with Iraq for this long and alleviating his people’s feelings to gain urgent protection must be a difficult task. However, that does not stop President Bush. He continues to look ahead, full force into the future and keep his nation at ease through it all. He does not dwell upon things that would normally matter to a President, such as acceptance by others. He has simply gone back to the basics of what being a President is truly about. He has chosen to be a leader- one who looks out for his fellow man instead of for himself. President Bush does not worry about the infinite demands of being President, which often contradict each other. He is not concerned about exceeding his power, which could cause him to be labeled as a type of dictator, nor does he worry about not taking harsh enough action and being labeled as ineffective. He merely does what he feels is right for the majority of the citizens of this country.

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