An Introduction to the Issue of Corporal Punishment and Its Cruelty

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Corporal punishment is dismissed by many parents to be cruel. In some cases this could be true but on the whole I would probably agree with the statement. It was abolished in the early 60’s in most of Britain but carried on in some schools until 1965. According to the elderly, children are becoming worse behaved. I also agree with this statement because if you look at the amount of child offenders then you will see that they have steadily increased throughout the years.

If people are punished just by telling them off in schools then they will do it again knowing that they would not be dealt with severely. Also the government have asked headmasters to expel less people from their schools which will encourage students to break the rules sometimes knowing that they will probably not get expelled.

Some people may say that teachers may abuse the system though by using it on students who have done nothing wrong but, get beaten before they even think about doing something wrong, although, to get to become a teacher you have to not have a harsh personality.

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Students will also have a lot more respect for teachers so that they will also get more done in class. For example if a student is repeatedly talking then the teacher will get out the cane and they will stop. This will create a quieter environment for the rest of the pupils so that they will be able to learn with no distractions. In turn this could result in a higher level of intelligence in British people.

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Which would then mean that people would get better jobs and would have a better life as a result of the beneficial discipline they had as a child. Most children would be grateful for the opportunity of being taught so well.

It does not only go as far as to benefit the students themselves though but also benefits the parents as well because all pupils with any sense (which they will all have because of the quieter environment) will do their homework which will keep their children indoors and away from trouble.

There will also be less bullying in schools, theft and fights because the pupils will know what the consequences are and will not have the desire to face the consequences.

It is a reassurance to know that your child will be safe and will not do anything drastically wrong. It will let parents be calm and know that their child is getting a good education and personally I cannot see anything wrong with it.

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