An Introduction to Didion's Views on Self Respect

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From what I gather, Didion describe self-respect as a form of admiration that an individual has for his or herself despite their failings. To be without self-respect would be to painstakingly remember (and with great detail) every single mistake that you have made in your entire life and cringe at the thought, even if it had been some odd years later.

Didion also went on to claim that self-respect also entails other attributes as well, such as the ability to remain indifferent under the precise circumstances and the “ability to discriminate”.

This sort of thought, this sort of claim, would in my opinion imply that a person with self-respect is to be regarded as a high member of society, above other individuals.

Self-respect should matter the most internally, not outwardly, as the idea of respecting yourself should not have anything to do with someone else.

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Didion in this article is constantly equating self-respect to that of a reaction or an encounter with someone else. Self-respect is about disregarding the remarks and the comments of anyone else and understanding that as a human, flaws are always expected and perfection is overrated.

Self-respect comes from within and not any outside factors. The ability to face head on your mistakes and not feel like an idiot or a fool but rather a person who made a mistake and a person that will not always make mistakes. Self-respect is not gained or earned, but rather is it developed by the individual themselves. The seeker is the only person who is able to develop self-respect, not by any other means or medium but through self-recognition and self-realization.

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Didion makes self-respect all about other people and what they have done you to and how you have become this way as a direct result of failures or trauma. I do not agree with Didion’s opinion of self-respect in this post because self-respect is about the individual, not anyone else.


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