An interview is a conversation Essay

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An interview is a conversation

An interview is a conversation between 2 or more people, arranged for certain specific purpose or in general.  For an interview to occur, the individual being called should be known to a certain extent.  However, the process of interview helps the interviewer to screen the individual further and get to know the interviewee better.  Many organizations are conducting interview to know whether the qualities, skills and qualifications of the individual would be a match for that of the organization, and whether the individual would be of any use to the organization (USC Career Planning & Placement Center, 2008).

An interview can be a traditional one-to-one interview, group interview or an interview conducted before a panel or committee.  During a one-to-one interview, eye contact between both the individuals is required along with strong listening and responsiveness.  Both the individuals should get a rapport with each other (Oatey, 1999).  In a panel interview, one interviewee would be facing a panel of interviewers.  The entire process of selection is held before a panel rather than a single interviewer.

The interviewee has to read and understand each personality of the panel and accordingly make adjustments.  The individual needs to take the time to answer each and every query from each of the panel members, but has to make strong eye contact and use listening skills during the interview process (USC Career Planning & Placement Center, 2008).  A group interview is to determine which individual can lead other employees.  It is usually conducted between a panel and a group of interviewees seeking a vacancy in the organization.  This interview process is usually informal, but strong discussion points may arise, which can lead to a significant impact on the final interview process.

Group interview may not be a one-to-one situation, and hence the individual skills of the interviewees would not be known.  However, as greater intellectual efforts would be going in, the brainstorming potential would be higher.  Besides, there is also a good chance to determine the communication and the roles each of the interviewee would be playing in a team (Alan Price and HRM Guide Network, 2008).

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