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An Inspector Calls Tell About The Class System Essay

”An inspector calls” is set in the early 20th century, back when things were different. The class system was very important. There were three classes working class, the middle class and the upper class. The working class was for the poorest people who did manual labouring work. The middle class was for people such as doctors and teachers. The upper class was for really rich people or people who were important in society such as lords and dukes. In the early 20th century women did not get much respect at all.

Only women in the working class worked because women could not get any better jobs than a factory worker or some kind of maid or servant work. This essay from www. coursework. info An inspector calls shows us about the class system in many ways. The first thing we see is that Mr Birling is trying to get a knight hood so he can move from the upper middle to the upper class. He doesn’t really want anyone finding out about Eva Smith because he thinks it will damage his reputation and ruin his chances of getting the knighthood.

Mr Birling owns a business and is rich he also has respect from other people in the town so he would not want a girl like Eva Smith who has no real importance to him, to come and ruin his chances. You could this factory was quite big and employed many people because he says ” we’ve several hundred young women there and they keep changing”. This shows us that there was probably many other women all in the same situation as Eva Smith. Money will get you respect and a reputation.

Money is also a factor in the class system. The more money you had the higher class you were in. In 1912 when ”An Inspector Calls” was set the suffragette movement was at its most violent and bitter so it was obvious that there was a time for a change on the way that women were treated around this time. The suffragettes were mainly upper and middle class women because if a lower class woman was to campaign they wouldn’t get any respect where as the higher you get in the class system the more respect women got.

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coaf afr seafafw oraf afk inaf foaf af: Eva Smith didn’t get any respect at all. She was raped by Eric and the only person she loved who was Gerald who had a girl friend and just left her. Even if Eric or Gerald would have wanted to marry her and love her they couldn’t because of the difference in classes between them both. Lower class people were not allowed to mix with upper class people and we are shown this in the way Eric and Gerald said they couldn’t marry her just because she wasn’t in the same class as her.

Another thing that shows us how the class system was in the early 20th century is that when Sheila went in to the shop she had the power to get Eva Smith the sack just because she was jealous of her. The only reason that Eva got the sack from this job was that Sheila thought Eva was smiling at her. The shop owner said ”a customer complained about her so she had to go”. Upper class people had power over the lower classes this was partly because of the money they had. cofe fer sefefew orfe fek infe fofe fe.

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