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FAQ about An Inspector Calls

Why does the Inspector call?
...And so you used the power you had, as a daughter of a good costumer and also of a man well known in the town, to punish the girl just because she made you feel like that" but when Sheila was replying "If I could help her now" the inspector jumped in ...
Who is most responsible for the death of Eva Smith?
...If he had not stolen the money that he gave to her and got drunk and slept with her she would not have had to leave him and she would not have got pregnant with no money and nowhere to live. Since she had absolutely nothing after the relationship wit...
What Messages does Priestley Convey in Inspector Calls?
...Conversely, Sheila and Eric refuse to forget what has happened and accept that they have to live with the guilt for the rest of their lives. In conclusion, Priestley conveys many messages and makes use of many techniques. Most notably the character i...
Who Is Responsible For Eva Smith S Death?
...It may be more wise to blame society and they way in which they lived, as it is Eva Smith's class and time that set her apart, no real crime has been committed (in my opinion) and it is more a case if social conscience, consequently a moral responsib...
How Does Priestley Express Ideas About Eric Birling in “An Inspector Calls”?
...Eric continues to ridicule his parents, particularly expressing doubts over his father’s viewpoints. In one of his final lines Eric remarks; “You told us a man had to make his own way…and then one of those cranks walked in – The Inspector (la...
How does Priestley present ideas about Mrs. Birling in ‘An Inspector Calls’?
...Overall, it is quite clear that Mrs Birling (much like her husband) is a perfect example of the ills capitalism and what needs to change. Priestley would like a society where the state provides welfare to those who need it, not by the prejudices of t...

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