An Informative Speech on the Brief History of Jeep Wranglers and His Contribution to Society

You’ve arrived at the top. The vast expanse before you is more than your eyes can take in. At the canyons edge, life is at its purest, an exhilaration of the senses. The same can be said about driving legendary 4X4 that takes you here. The king of off-road ability and almost magical abilities once you part from the pavement. Its top down open air interior is your seat to outstanding off-road capability and surprisingly on-road civility. The direct descent of the original 4X4, Wranglers reach extends here.

Up high and on top of the world. From its inception in 1941 it performed unlike anything on wheels. With a 60 horsepower engine and 80-inch wheelbase, the Willys MB proved more capable then its designers ever imagined. The secret, of course, was four-wheel drive unheard of in a vehicle measuring less than 11 feet long. That spirit of innovation, as integral to the heritage as the first workhorse it produced, leads to the Jeep Brand onto its 60th year of adventure.

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Wrangler, the MBs direct descent, reigns supreme as the ultimate off-road capability statement. You don’t get to be king of your own very steep hill without power. The 4.0L Power Tech 1-6, standard on sport and Sahara delivers 190 horsepower and 235 pound-feet torque. Equipped with this power plant and standard five speed manual transmission, Wrangler is capable of towing up to 2,000 pounds- enough to bring a pair of jet skis along for the ride. “You really want the 1-6. Trust us,” said Petersen’s 4-wheel & off road.

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The 2,5L Power Tech 1-4 engine, standard on SE, also packs a punch, peaking at 120 horsepower and 140 pound-feet torque. A three-speed automatic transmission is optional on all models.

(Now let’s take a more in depth look at the differences of the Wrangler SE, Wrangler Sport and Wrangler Sahara)

Wrangler SE features

  • The already mentioned 2.5L Power Tech 1-4 engine
  • Command-Trac part time 4WD
  • Quadra-Coil suspension
  • Power steering
  • New 4-ply soft top
  • 15”X6” styled steel wheels
  • AM/FM stereo with four speakers
  • MSRP $15,47

Wrangler Sport features

  •  The already mentioned 4.0L Power Tech 1-6 Engine
  • Command-Trac part time 4WD
  • Quadra-Coil suspension
  • Power steering
  • New 4-ply soft top
  • Fold and tumble rear seat
  • AM/FM stereo with cassette radio
  • Full face steel wheels
  • MSRP $19,740

Wrangler Sahara

  • The already mentioned 4.0L Power Tech 1-6 engine
  • Command-Trac part time 4WD
  • Quadra-Coil suspension
  • Tow hooks (2 in front, 1 rear)
  • Fog lamps
  • Body color Fender Flares
  • Bodyside steps
  • Air Conditioning
  • CD player and 5 speakers including sub-wolfer
  • New 4Ply soft top with tinted windows
  • Trail cloth seating
  • Ultra Star Cast Aluminum Wheels with Michelin Tires
  • Full-size spare tire.
  • All models obtaining a 36,00 mile warranty

Jeep Wrangler can accommodate 19 gallons of gas, acquiring 16mpg-city mileage and 19mpg-highway mileage.

The NHTSA Ratings (The National Highway and Traffic Administration) crash tests new car models during accidents to determine front impact damage. Cars in the same class are scored relative to each other. On a score of 1 (worst) and 5 (best)

  • Reliability 3
  • Derivability 3
  • Comfort 2.5
  • Roominess 2
  • Winter 3.5
  • Safety 4
  • Resale Value 3.6
  • Driver Crash Test 3
  • Passenger Crash Test 3


From the early morning haze over the Great Smoky Mountains to the sea spray at the water’s edge, Jeep vehicles have been instrumental in giving adventures a fresh point of view for over 60 years. Perspective comes with the journey, not simply from reaching the destination. Enjoy your Wrangler not only for its safety, its excitement, its class or reliability but for the completion it may give you shall you ever choose to get one.

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