“An Indian Story” by Roger Jack

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In “An Indian Story” by Roger Jack is an example of family solidarity and care giving within a minority family. When Jack was just a young boy, his mother died, then his father remarried and started a new family that made the boy uncomfortable with his living situation. After that, he decided to go living with his late mother’s sister, Aunt Greta. It is an evident that even before he decided to move with Greta, Jack was very close to her when he stated, “I walked to Aunt Greta’s house and asked if I could move in with her since I had already spend so much time with her anyway”(53).

This is our first example of the strong ties to extended family in this story. As the story progresses we learn that Greta has sacrificed not only for her nephew but for her father as well.

Greta had been married for a long time but her husband just died five years into their marriage.

The reason why Greta and her husband never had any children and she never remarried was because she took care of her father after her mother died. The fact that Greta looked after her father demonstrates another tight family bond and support for one another but it was also evident that the two share a close relationship. The author states, “She [Greta] had so much love and knowledge to share, which she passed on to me naturally and freely” (53). Hence, tradition was very important to Greta’s family as well as their Indian culture and Greta shared it with Jack.

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During the years, Jack and his aunt form an even stronger bond and she became a mother to him as they shared many adventures together.

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“An Indian Story” by Roger Jack
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