An explanation of the effects of drugs on humans


Drugs are the substance that used to treat an illness, relieve symptoms or modify chemical in the body for a specific purpose. Drugs lead to social, economic, and emotional problems that affect the relationships of families and friends. However, some drugs such as Marijuana, Heroin, Cannabis, Cocaine, and Amphetamine have different impacts in humans. Drugs have devastated our society like what cyclone Idai did to Mozambique (Emvula, 2019). The following drugs discussed are the ones that are considered as illegal in society especially in Namibia, together with their consumption effects.


According to Weiten (2016), a pregnant women marijuana exposure is associated with infants presenting with low birth weight, early birth, withdrawal-like symptoms, extreme crying, tremors and hyperemesis (severe and chronic vomiting). A psychological counselor Linde,(2018), described Marijuana in teenagers that their brain are not yet fully developed, and can impair their brain development and leads to permanent changes in their brain.

According to Health National Council of Namibia (2019), Marijuana has wide range of effects, both physical and mental problems.

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Marijuana opposes breathing problems and people who smoke marijuana as that smoke tobacco. Cough and phlegm are more frequent with lung illness despite the researchers so far found that a high risk of causing cancer in people is high who smoke Marijuana.

People who use marijuana find themselves in a situation that deviant social structure and human society. This happens because they see things from different degrees compared to people who do not use marijuana. Moreover, marijuana slow down your central nervous system, your receptor cell in the spinal cord will die and you will not be able to respond to stimuli, in the cases of accident or of emergency.

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Cannabis is also a type of drugs. Cannabis is either in form of hash, pot, dope, grass or skunk. According to the Health National Council of Namibia (2019), Cannabis negatively change relationships and alter perceptions. People after smoking Cannabis in any form they feel relaxed to whatever they are doing that makes them tired. Cannabis reduces your numb, as you smoke it, it makes easy for your reproductive system to stop in producing or produce less. The health living stated that approximately 75% of people who smoke or take in the cannabis they are infertile and no longer produce. The use of cannabis leads to stealing because this drug is very expensive so people who use cannabis steal money to afford to buy such a drug.

Cocaine (powder cocaine, coke and blow)

This is the most drugs that are normally trending around the world. However many people are not aware of the effects of this drug as oppose to their health. Cannabis can also affect someone mentally, physically and economically. As cited in the article by Health National Council of Namibia (2019), how drugs affect your body, Cocaine gives you the energy that makes you feel happy, awake, confident and less inhibited but has nasty that come dawn that makes you feel numb and unwell. According to the researcher to why people use cocaine, it helps with the severity of the development of negative cycle of development.

Cocaine affects people economically. Most people usually spend lots of their money in having the power of cocaine. This makes them to be left with nothing, but end up in poverty. This cause isolation and family breakup to those who were married, and end up divorcing their loved ones. It can stimulate the heart and nervous system and lead to a seizure, brain, hemorrhage, and stroke. Most numbers of people died from cocaine-induced heart failure. Moreover, cocaine can harm your baby during pregnancy and may cause miscarriage. If cocaine is injected, it can cause vein collapse and increase the risk of HIV and Hepatitis infection due to the sharing the same needle over time. According to Weiten, (2016) in terms of cocaine usage in pregnant women, babies have shown behavior abnormalities such as increased irritability, crying and diminished desire for human interaction.


With the advent of Nicotine replacement therapy, the consumption of Nicotine is on the rise. Nicotine is considered to be a safer alternative of tobacco. Med (2015) pointed out that Nicotine poses several health hazards. One of it is that it increases the risk of cardiovascular, thicker vein and artery which make it hard for blood to flow to all part of the body. Furthermore, nicotine causes respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders,

In addition to these, Nicotine cause a decrease in the immune system response which will further pose ill impacts on reproductive health. Med (2015) further stated that Nicotine affects cell proliferation, oxidative stress, apoptosis, DNA mutation and metastasis negatively and these cause resistance to radiotherapeutic agents.

Furthermore, it will promote the development of tumor cell in the body that causes cancer. It will obviously affect the gene and cause syndrome. Nicotine is very addictive and it is very hard to quit it.


To sum up, drugs are not healthy for people’s life. In brief, illegal drugs as mentioned above such as Marijuana, Nicotine, Ecstasy, Cocaine and Cannabis have negative impacts on society as they lead to healthy depression, infertile reproduction on human beings, Psychological effects, cancer and other negative long term effects. People have to make better decisions because not everything they do will benefit their future. Stop using drugs to keep your health stable. Drugs are very expensive and addictive, so it hard to quit drugs once you attempt to use them. Keep your life in safe trap and say no to the using of drugs, to live a healthy and normal life.


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