An Examination of Two Generations in A Yellow Raft in Blue Water

Two Generations in One Book In the novel, A Yellow Raft in Blue Water, you hear the story of three people growing up and having to deal with challenges. This book is told by each of these characters and how they viewed the experiences that happened. I believe that being able to hear all three sides of the story really strengthens the experience that the reader has when trying to link everything together.

Hearing Christine’s side of the story first leaves you one-minded into how Ida is and the way she acts.

Christine always talks about how much she dislikes Ida and until you read the “Ida” chapter in the book you think that Ida is this awful person. Reading this chapter makes you finally realize why Ida was the way she was to Christine. From Christine’s voice you hear Ida reply “You’re turning into a slut… Nobody will marry you” (156). This is a great example of how we know that Christine dislikes Ida.

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All throughout her Chapter you hear more examples of Christine’s dislike for Ida and you start to believe that Ida is this awful person who is “out to get” Christine.

Once you read the Ida chapter, you realize that everything Ida has done is to help Christine. The most shocking news is when we find out that Clara is pregnant with Lecon’s baby and asks Ida “Are you willing to endure this sacrifice, to suffer the scorn of there, to care for this child as if it were your own, to keep this secret forever.

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” (311) When reading this chapter your mind is completely shocked with this information that was such a secret for such a long time. Persuading Ida to take care of this baby at the age of 15, was, in my opinion, Clara taking advantage of Ida.

I believe that being able to hear the story from three points of view really strengthens the experience of the book for the reader. It also empowers and changes your perception of how you view the lives of these three people. You read one story, and you believe what that character is saying is true, and then you read the next story, and it completely changes your perspective on that previous character. You hear Christine say how much she didn’t like Ida, but then when you hear Ida’s side of the story, you feel sympathetic for Ida because you now understand what she’s been through. Being able to hear all three sides of the story is what I believe pulls the whole book together and really gives the reader the experience of actually knowing these people.

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