An Examination of the Security Policies of Japan and the Evolution of Its Security Strategies

Over the last one century, technology advancement in all the countries has been noted. Globalization has become clearer and everyone on the world is focusing on how to improve the technology they already have. Terrorism has taken another course in that international terrorism is widely rampant and sophisticated forms of crime have risen. Almost all the countries have increased their powers of defense and this condition has also been faced by Japan. The surrounding countries like Korea have developed nuclear bombs and missiles thus Japan has taken another route which would help it boost its security.

Japan has also contributed in restoring global peace by giving a part of its self defense forces to peace keeping missions. This paper will investigate Japan’s security policies and the evolution of its security strategies.

For the last few years, Japan has tried to form ties with United States which is expected to boost its security. This has ensured that the country has remained under the security umbrella of United States.

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was swift in meeting the new United States elected leader, Donald trump in a bid to boost the Japanese United States relationship. With the rising insecurity due to the advancement of weapons in Korea and china, Japan has maintained close ties with United States as stated by DiFilippo, (2015). Its efforts in maintaining global peace was made clearer during the times of president Obama where different Japanese troops were deployed on a peace keeping mission.

The country is worried about the missiles that are being developed in Korea and is looking for a way to curb them incase fights arose.

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Japanese prime minister propelled this even further by providing the patrol ships with the fuels they need to keep peace around Asia and to also counter the growing military strength in china. The prime minister wants to keep close ties with president trump’s reign like it was during president Obama era. With the increased number of trips to Japan that president Trump is expected to make and what seems to be improved ties between the two, Japan is hoping that United States will be lenient enough to back them up with missiles that would counter the development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology in North Korea.

After the Second World War, Japan had developed policies that barred its military from fighting abroad. For the first time after the Second World War, the country has seen the essence of passing a policy that is expected to see the Japanese forces being involved in such incidences as providing military power overseas. The critiques are so much against the bill despite the fact that the country’s prime minister promised that these forces will not overindulge in these foreign conflicts. The previous constitution stated that the country should not exercise force in conflict resolution. However, the new bill allows the Japanese forces to provide limited assistance to their overseas friends as stated by Matsuyama & Matthews, (2016)

The aim of the security bill developed is mostly to ensure that Japanese allies, the United States and the unstable South Korea will benefit from their assistance in curbing the violent North Korea and other states that may attack these allies. The advancement in nuclear technology in manufacturing of missiles by North Korea is what the new security bill is targeting to curb. Also, the new international forms of terrorism and crimes such as cyber crimes as well as the improved military ability of their rival’s china are expected to be a part of what will be curbed.

The changes that have been made in the Japanese laws have ensured that the county gains advantage and more strength in fighting its battles. United States has therefore found a strong ally in the Asiatic region and this has also ensured that Japan is able to protect its self from the future wars. All these policies are made because Japan is a proactive contributor to global peace and this will ensure that the activities of Japanese forces have been boosted thus boosting peace in the region. The policies will also ensure that the country will easily coordinate with its friends and the international community in ensuring that global peace is boosted.

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