An Examination of Fast Fashion in the Book Fashion Marketing by Tony Hines and Margaret Bruce

Almost 80 million pounds of clothing are consumed every single year all around the world. Just to put that into perspective, the Statue of Liberty weighs 450,000 pounds, which is over 177 times more! A lot of people don’t know the effect that fast fashion has on the world, it literally effects everything from our ecosystem to our very own society. Fast fashion is a term used to describe the fashion industry today, fast fashion is often criticized for the way its worker’s rights are managed, it effects the world socially, economically, as well as environmentally.

There is a lot of confusion as to what the exact definition of fast fashion is. There is not an explanation for that however because fast fashion can be a lot of different things. In a 2001 book titled “Fashion Marketing” by Tony Hines and Margaret Bruce fast fashion is defined as “a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to express that designs move from catwalk quickly in order to capture the current fashion trends.

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” Again let me reiterate that there is not an exact definition of the fast fashion industry, this is a very broad way to define it but it does point out that they are pushed out more quickly due to the ever changing fashion trends.

Furthermore, it is a common belief that fast fashion came to be from the fashion industry’s tendency to change trends faster than a bolt of lightning, further proof of this comes from a 2012 article published by The University Notre Dame says that “The phrase ‘fast fashion’ refers to low-cost clothing collections that mimic current luxury fashion trends.

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Fast fashion helps sate deeply held desires among young consumers in the industrialized world for luxury fashion, even as it embodies unsustainability. Trends run their course with lightning speed, with today’s latest styles swiftly trumping yesterday’s, which have already been consigned to the trash bin.” Basically what is being said in that quote is of course that fast fashion is a way to keep up with the ever evolving fashion industry. Fast fashion isn’t very efficient for our economy in the United States, in fact it’s pretty much a trade deficit. Per the True Cost documentary, in 2014 the US Apparel exports totaled about 6 billion dollars, while the imports totaled about 82 billion dollars with 1/3 of those imports coming from China. If you’re like me and struggle to understand what that means, it pretty much means that the US Economy lost about 76 BILLION dollars in the fashion industry in 2014. That is a horrible profit margin and it’s hard not to consider that a detriment to our economy given the debt that we’re already in.

As far as the environment goes, fast fashion isn’t exactly doing any better. It is the 2nd most wasteful industry and to even more so prove this all you need to do is take a look at Kanpur, India. It is the 9th largest city in India and probably the most polluted. It is a city that produces a lot of leather with over 300 industrial leather tanneries which unload tons of waste into the local Ganges River. Some of this waste including toxic things such as chromium, mercury, and arsenic. The most toxic form of chromium is Hexavalent chromium, studies show that constant exposure to it can result in lung cancer. A potential 30,000 people have been affected by this and are still at risk. Worker’s rights are few and far between in developing countries, with some of the companies treating their employees like slaves one asks the question why this is happening, and why nobody is putting a stop to it. The answer is because of how few laws there are that actually protect workers rights in these developing countries.

With no international laws in place, big business can take advantage of the abismal minimum wage set in place in countries like India and China. With these laws it makes it so cheap for companies to get cheap labor and minimize costs for creating their clothing. Fast fashion is comes under fire a lot because of how poor it is for the workers in the industry with little rights to protect them, it’s a term that is used very often to portray the way fashion is run around the world today, it effects the world socially, economically, as well as environmentally. In conclusion, fast fashion is a very detrimental industry to our planet, to our society, and even to our economy.

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