An ethical decision that I had to make Essay

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An ethical decision that I had to make

An ethical decision that I had to make in my personal life. Was to choose between getting in education or staying in this post secondary school for adults with disabilities. After being there for two years I have not seen any progress that. I had to choose to give up going to the school that I was comfortable in with not having to put forth much effort. So my mother asks me did I want to try college online since I was not accomplishing anything at the post secondary school. Well I was scared to try because of my educational background with me being disable not knowing if I would be able to achieve getting a college degree. Come to find that I could accomplish getting a college education like any one else I would just have to work twice as hard to achieve my goal. So now that I’m I my second year of college I feel so good about doing it I do not think twice I would do it again.

I’m really happy that my mother had enough faith in me. If it was not for her I would not be my second year of college. Now I feel like I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to no matter anyone else says. I’m also looking forward not only to receiving my associates degree but my bachelors as well. Even though sometimes it is a struggle I still keep in the back of my mind that I can do it I made it this far so I can finish. As well as having my family there to support me as well. Another big impact for me is when I saw my mother graduated with her associate’s degree in business and finances. That made me so proud then I thought about this could be me in another year. Which also made me began to work much harder to reach my goal so I can be where she is. One of my values is to live for what’s right no matter what may be gained or lost.

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