The Coolest Day of My Life as a Skateboarder

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It was the summer of 2000 and my friends and I were skateboarding at my high school. The sun was hot as hell and we were sweating like crazy. I doubt there was even a cloud in the sky. It was so hot that we couldn’t even skate, so we decided that we would wonder around the school and look for things to do.

Being a skateboarder really changes how you look at everyday life. On the street, anywhere, we’re always looking for more things to skate.

Handrails, stairs, gaps, and things that would appear normal to anyone but a skateboarder. So anyways, we were walking around school and my friend Jon said

“Hey Chris, check out that gap up there, it looks makeable.”

“What, the one on the roof?” | asked.

” Ya lets go up there and see if we can do it.” He replied.

“I can’t believe I’ve never seen that before.” Said Mike.

From the roof of our gym to the roof of the cafeteria there was a gap about eight feet high and eight feet long.

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It took us about half an hour to find a way up there and when we finally did get up there the gap looked a lot harder and a lot scarier. Most of them didn’t want to try it. It was pretty scary, but I didn’t want to have come up here for nothing so my friend Jon and I decided to do it. We thought it would be cool to get this on film, so I took out my video camera and handed it to one of my friends who offered to film us.

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I decided that I’d try first. It was scary but it wasn’t as hard as it looked, so that’s what I told my friends. My friend Mike is probably the least talented of us all but has the most guts and will go for just about anything. Jon went for it and did it with no problem. We had started down the side of the building when we saw two police cars pulling into the school parking lot. I was wondering what I should do, when I heard someone say:

“Lets ditch em.” We all jumped to the ground and disappeared into the school. I could see that the cops weren’t far behind and that I’d better find someplace to hide if I didn’t want to get caught. I looked back again and realized that I was the only one they were still chasing after. I could see the edge of the campus and the lush valley on the other side. If I could reach it I knew I’d be free. I ran harder than I’ve ever run before but the cops were still gaining on me, only about fifty yards behind me. I was close now only about a hundred yards away. I new I’d make it. Then, all of the sudden, a root on the play field jumped up and grabbed my foot. All I could think about were those horror movie chases, when the helpless lady trips and gets captured by the evil monster. I wasn’t going to let that happen. I did a perfect summersault and landed right on my feet, while still holding on to my skateboard. I reached the fence and flew up and over it. I made it.

About half an hour later I decided it was safe to walk home. I was skating through the school when up ahead I saw that one of the cop cars were still there. I sneaked up for a closer look and saw that three of my friends were in the back of the car. I was looking for the other police officer when all of the sudden I felt someone’s hand grab my shoulder I just about pissed my pants. Then I look around to see Jon laughing so hard he was on ground. He quickly stopped laughing when I punched him in the gut.

I felt that someone was watching out for me that day, I couldn’t believe that I had actually made it home, out of handcuffs. I don’t care what my other friends say, that was one of the coolest days I’ve ever had.

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