An Essay on How America Welcomes the Digital Age With Open Arms

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In the recent past, newspapers have become a thing of the past. Nearly everywhere in the United States, you could walk outside a house and find a newspaper rolled up on the front yard of houses. Today there has been a decrease in physical newspaper printings. Clippings and articles can now be found anywhere on the internet, but back in the 1990’s and into the 2000’s, the development of the internet never really gave a free full access to news as it happens.

In the two decades that passed there have been many technological and environmental advances for printing newspapers to diminish at such a fast rate. As a communications major here at Saint Martin’s University, it has always been a goal of mine to one day either be an announcer on the radio, or to be a columnist in a newspaper. I am interested in seeing whether or not newspapers will be around when I am at the age of writing/working for a newspaper company.

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The developments that have made have opened up a vast amount of ways for people to view newspaper websites and articles online. Along with the technological advances came different kinds of environmental advancements and more awareness. In the early 1990’s, the internet was hitting full stride with the public. Instead of just those who could afford it, now everyone had complete access to the internet on computers. Waking up every morning to find the newspaper on your front porch or yard became a morning tradition in families all over the United States and a lot of countries.

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A study shows that between the years 1990 and 2006, more people subscribed to a newspaper with a Sunday paper included than one without the Sunday paper, but over that time period, the number of people subscribing for a newspaper dropped from 62.5 million people in 1990 to 52 million in 2006. The decreasing numbers just so happened to align with the improving advancements in technology towards more and more newspaper companies going digital. The United States in this time was going through a new technological era.

In the year 2007, Apple came out with their first phone, the iPhone. This phone is now one of the top sellers each year with a new version coming out every 1 to 2 years. With the development of a phone where the internet is at the power of one’s hand at the touch of a button, news can be relayed to people in less than a second. Not only with the iPhone did Apple open the doors to instant news, but the MacBook Air and Pro also became top sellers in the laptop markets, showing that the digital era had begun. Through recent years, the need to stop deforestation has reached a new high. When learning about the new digital age, people will have to learn why all of the newspapers and main news groups no longer print unless you pay the fee to receive them.

According to the Elephant Journal, 500,000 trees are killed and helped to produce all U.S. Sunday newspapers combined. With every Sunday paper using about half a million trees, the whole year for Sunday paper would need about 95 million trees. Although people like the tradition of morning newspapers with breakfast, the way things are going make it seem as if that will soon be diminished completely and everything will be digital. In 1989, a year before the earlier study was taken, about 39% of newspapers were recovered and recycled. Now, based off of 2009 figures, 73% of all old newspapers in the U.S. are recovered and recycled. Put this into terms of how many newspapers that is and we’re looking at about 37,960,000 recycled papers out of the 52 million. The people who own the newspaper section of media are the people who want the papers delivered to their houses. They run the way the paper is put together by what they request in the paper and how they can receive the info that gets sent out.

The newspaper really has changed through time because it has gone from an informative form of communication to more of a broad variety of news source including sports, comics, and local fun fact filled news articles. Newspapers have always been elsewhere but I feel that they have never been such a big part of a lifestyle as much as they were in the United States. Elsewhere would have newspapers available to buy at local coffee shops and on street corners, but in the U.S., most places had free paper delivery to every home through volunteers and workers driving early in the morning delivering to certain areas in the cities limits. Now a-days you don’t find newspapers on everyone’s doorsteps but you do find a lot of news online wherever you go. It doesn’t matter what you look up on the computer or on your phone, news breaks will be showing up immediately. This is the way news is spread now.

People do not have to wait for the newest editions of magazines or newspapers, they just have to search exactly what they want and they’ll find it in under a second. In my mind, newspapers will unfortunately be a thing of the past. Physical newspapers that is. I believe that newspaper companies will be around, pushing out new articles every minute online, but the idea of receiving the newspaper every morning will soon fall into a past happening. This wont happen in the next 10 years, but I could see it in the next 20-30. I think the newspaper has diminished in this day of age because of the vast advancements in technology. There have been so many companies trying to perfect the way that computers receive info with the fastest internet, and so many companies have now come out with the “fastest” smartphone where information can be sent to the person at a click of a button.

Although it is quite sad, the advanced technology will also possibly lead to some safer scenarios where people in the general area could receive a text message stating the problem and possibly giving them escape routes, etc.Newspapers also could not give up to the minute information on breaking news, some people would go days without hearing about a big explosion or happening throughout the world because they would never have seen some of the information if it wasn’t for TV’s, newspaper articles popping up online, and cell phones receiving info quickly.

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