An Engineer of Past, Present and Future

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A scientist’s aim is to uncover new information about how the world operates. Engineers use this knowledge to solve problems. Engineers are recognized for keeping civilization on track and improving the quality of life. They are given credit for the roads, bridges, and water and sewage systems, as well as the new electronic devices.

In the past women were likely to persist as men, although they perceived themselves as having low cognitive abilities than man. During that time, characteristics of women who enter male dominated field, such as engineering and physical sciences, in general these woman come from intact families, have well educated parents and consider career success as more important that do women who enter female dominated field.

However they were also more likely to report feeling of isolation, lack of assistance from female colleagues, and sex issues in work places.

However reports for engineers had negative effects on the world through back. Engineers were held responsibly by some for designing and making dangerous weapons.

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They even took flack for environmental issues and pollution. One aspect of the profession that remained constant is the basic job of engineering, to solve problems economically. There will be always new tools and technologies, but what engineers thought, wasn’t going to change that much.

Now we see a change in engineers. Instead of making dangerous weapons only, they now also make things that help the world, for example, computers. Computer is a useful machine that even help engineers today to create others machines.

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They use it to build, to analyse for function and cost, and then to create devices they design today. For example, there is a change on machine they use in shops, the way it operate shows positive impact of engineering. These machines makes life easier in daily basis.

Engineers would have used few methods for calculation or done them by their hand, problem is that today, students and working engineers fail to apply and to use them, nor should they. Therefore, the goal today is to train students to analyse drawing rather to create or draw them.

Engineers today still feel the pressure to change the functioning of their design, but now they have to do it in a pattern of the time they had before. For today’s engineers there is a daintily more allowance for thinking outside. Engineers’ experience they have to be interested on try different solutions and components to stay in touch one step ahead of the competition. They are depended on our testing information and that our products will deliver what we agreed to do so in time.

An engineer in future, must be able to collaborate and create virtually with a team distributed all over the world. And involves good communications which means to writing reports, assisting each other, be able to give presentation, and attending all meetings as well as time management.

One big serious challenge we shall face for the future of engineers is bringing past corporate knowledge. A lots of engineers in this generation have focus on background information in their minds and have a look on experience that will be lost if we don’t make it accessible. Future engineers will only know what computers and its programs tell them, and do nothing at all, this should be a big problem. But however, there will be a big improvement in future in terms of technology. But the more technology improve, the rise in crime rate. They will have an access to enter everywhere they want because of engineers and their technology.

Going forward, we must be able to meets what the whole world needs to operates. Things that could make their life easier such as inventing new machines. This would be a good and big improvement when compared to past life in terms of engineering.


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