An Argument That Pay Gap Is a Big Disadvantage to Women in America

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As the 2016 presidential elections are upcoming and candidates are spilling in for a part of the action, the defining issues that will make up the most successful platforms are being selected strategically. However, while most don’t think it’s one of the most prominent of issues, the gender wage-gap will be decisive for separating the hopefuls to the potentials in the upcoming election. The White House described the gender gap as “the median woman working full-time all year earned seventy-eight percent of what the median man working full-time all year earned” (Stevenson).

Reports and articles have flooded in on the issue, showing that it’s not just an economic issue, but a women’s right issue as well.

The pay gap as severe disadvantages to women financially. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) highlights some interesting statistics on the gender gap. They first point out that the pay gap is existent in every state in differing numbers – in D.

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C. women are paid closer to ninety-one cents to a man’s dollar, and in Louisiana it’s closer to sixty-six cents. Besides just the state, there tends to be a gap in every occupation, even in one’s typically seen as female dominated. Race is also a factor in the gap – women of color are often subject to a lower average than to white women. While children is often an influencing factor in how much a woman makes in comparison to men, the AAUW found that even childless women are still paid substantially less.

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The AAUW finalizes that even though higher education is a tool to increase income, it is inefficient against the gap (“The Simple Truth”).

This is an important issue that should be addressed as candidates structure their platforms for the election. Discussing the pay gap addresses the issue that discrimination and structural disadvantages are not absent in democratic nations. The fact is that issues of inequality do need to be brought up, because that’s the only way solutions can be made for them. While it is apparent that there can be some problems with a wage gap between the sexes, the issue should be looked at from all perspectives. Why should women be paid equal to men? Women should be thankful to be in the work force in the first place. Who’s going to want to hire or even marry a women if they think they are equal to men at any job? This wanting to be equal to men is going to be detrimental to women in the future.

Let’s look at the issue from a logical perspective. The communist media has implanted the idea that women making seventy-eight cents to a man’s dollar is the end of the world for females. But if you round up, its practically a dollar anyways so what is the complaints about? Even though there is barely a gap, it’s most likely women’s fault anyways. The first reason is because women choose to have children. Even though they didn’t choose to be the only gender biologically capable of pregnancy, isn’t twenty-two cents worth the joy of children? Women also choose to enter in lower paying occupations. I don’t remember the last time I saw a man teaching preschool.

Now the bra-burning feminists and the liberal agenda have tried to make income inequality into a bad thing. But it is clear that the pay gap has more benefits to women. Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly proves this with pure logic. She makes the argument that in most relationships the male wants to be the higher earning partner and females want to be supported by their man (Petri). So it’s pretty clear men don’t like women with that much money, that’s why the best place to pick up a girl in 2014 was the local soup kitchen. Schlafly continues, “simple arithmetic suggest that half of women would be unable to find what they regard as a suitable mate… if a higher-earning man was not available, many women are more likely not to marry at all” (Petri). So if equal pay for equal work is so important to females everywhere, enjoy it ladies; you can spend it on your hundreds of cats because you’re dying alone!

Obviously evening the pay gap would destroy the economy, traditional families, and allow the leftists to dominate America. We need a logical, practical solution to this issue that everyone is talking about. For those who refuse to stay home and properly raise their children, there is few options to receive equal pay: fire all of them. Unemployed women can earn an identical salary as her unemployed male counterpart. Finally after generations of trying to achieve equality, the glass ceiling can truly be shattered. This isn’t the only option however, Schlafly suggests that an increased pay gap will be the most beneficial to women of the future. Seventy-eight cents is a good start, but America can do better. Why not fifty cents to the dollar? Or call me a radical feminist, but maybe women shouldn’t be paid at all.

Federal legislation to change inequality in the United States has never worked. And it won’t work for the wage gap either. This is an issue that women have to be the actors in making change. They need to walk into their boss’s offices tomorrow, and tell him that you have proved yourselves, have exceeded your sales quotas and profit increases. Which is why you are going to demand for a fifty percent pay reduction. This is the only way to solve the issue of the pay gap in the United States without the country being overrun by female communists running around toppless. Presidential candidates need to campaign on this logical platform, otherwise they can kiss their seat in the White House goodbye. These are the only logical decisions any policymaker could contemplate. So there is my 34 cents on the issue ladies, better pocket it while you still can.

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