Support for Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel theory

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According to Jared Diamond, the Americas fell to guns, germs, and steel. Do you think he is right?

I think that Jared Diamond is right because the guns that the Spaniards had (the Harkabus) could shoot from long range and pick off the Incans one at a time without posing much danger to them. (Of course the Incans had throwing spears and bow and arrows, though) Also, the loud noise of the guns scared and startled the Incans. Plus, the germs that the Spaniards had in them had traveled far ahead, already decimating the Incan civilization before the Spanish even arrived.

Also, the Spanish had steel swords such as the rapier, which could easily slice through the Incans’ armor and kill much quicker and simpler. But, Jared Diamond is wrong in the fact that guns, germs, and steel were the only things that helped the Spanish conquer the Americas.

There were other aspects such as the Spaniards’ horses, which gave them a huge advantage over the Incans because they had the height advantage, so they could slash left and right without the Incans being able to strike back.

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Plus, the Incans had never seen a horse before so they thought that the horses were like gods. Also, a lot of the Incans, beside Atihualpa, thought that the Spaniards were gods themselves because of a legend about a white god. Also, the tactics that the Spaniards received from the books about other Spaniards who have had past encounters with other civilizations like the Incans, like how the Spaniards captured Atihualpa, the Incan leader, and after that, the Incans basically surrendered.

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But, overall, yes, I do agree with Jared Diamond that the Americas fell to guns, germs, and steel.

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