An Argument in Favor of Christian Pulisic as the Best Soccer Player for Team USA

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I have played soccer almost my entire life, and I have been a fan of it for just as long. Over the years there have been many great players on the men’s national soccer team, but this year a new young player from Hershey Pennsylvania joined the team. His name is Christian Pulisic, an attacking midfielder with skills that have only been seen in the European leagues. Christian Pulisic is the best soccer player team USA has ever had.

Pulisic is one of the most successful teens in the history of USA soccer.

At the age of fourteen he was asked to join the national team. Pulisic has already appeared in eighty-one games at the national team level, which is far more than the next player down at forty-one games, and he is only eighteen years old with two more years to go. As a teenager, Pulisic hold records for the youngest player to appear in a World Cup qualifier, the youngest to score a goal for the USA team, the youngest to score in a World Cup qualifier game and the youngest to start a World Cup qualifier game, beating the former record holder Landon Donovan by almost a year.

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Another reason why Christian Pulisic is the best ever is, he is currently on pace to be the most productive goal scorer in the history of the men’s USA soccer team. Pulisic has scored goals in seventy percent of the games he has played, far surpassing the current record of forty-six percent.

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To further support this, Pulisic scored forty-nine goals in sixty-one appearances at the junior national level. No one else has come close to this.

A third example why Christian Pulisic is USA’s best player ever, is his ability to interchange between field positions. His official position is the attacking mid-fielder, because of his unmatched ability to view the field, see the plays develop, and distribute the ball. Pulisic can also play up to a forward or winger position due to his reliable and deadly accurate shot. Pulisic is also so versatile that he can switch from the left side to right. In fact, coaches often move him to his weak foot side (left), because of how dangerous he is with his left.

Since the early nineties when I found my love for soccer, there has been many top prospects and legends on the American soccer fields, but never has there been one quite as special as Christian Pulisic. Whether it is the pin point accurate shots he makes or the ninety minutes of nonstop action he entertains with and it does not matter if you are from the USA or across the pond in England. If you are a soccer fan, you will want to watch this kid play, and if you are not a fan, hopefully after reading this, you are now.

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