An Argument Against the USA Instituting a Draft Law

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I think the United states definitely should not have a draft law for a variety of reasons. Adding a draft to our country would be very expensive, worsen our armies, devalue soldiers, and be completely un-american. In the following paragraphs I will expand on these reasons. Our country is already in a lot of debt and starting a draft would cost the country event more money. In places with draft laws they have offices set up where they screen people drafted to make sure that they are mentally and physically fit to serve.

If we were to make a successful draft we would need to set up all these offices and staff them, costing us a lot of money.

We would need to hire hundreds of people just to send out recruitment letters and those jobs would cost the government a huge sum of money we don’t have. Arresting and apprehending those who skip draft would require more police and jail space that would need to be funded by the government.

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All of these things are expensive alone and together they could send the country even further into debt. Draft laws would cause deterioration in the quality of our armies. This would happen because many people who are forced into doing things do significantly worse at those things then people who volunteer. People who would have volunteered will be forced to join the military lowering their enthusiasm and effectiveness. People drafted wouldn’t serve very long, most drafts have people serving for only a year or two, whereas the average term for someone who voluntarily joins the military is about eight years.

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Soldiers with longer terms of service have more time to train and get more experience. Thus the draft will cause our army to be worse and less experienced. One of the most important values of the USA is freedom, they say we are “the land of the free and the brave.” Drafts would take away our freedom and compromise what we stand for as a country. Forcing people to fight for the country is taking away their freedom to make that choice. In some cases you would be forcing citizens out of the country if they were assigned on overseas campaigns. Some people’s religions preach pacifism and forcing people to fight could be taking away their religious freedoms.

These freedoms are the first amendment of our constitution, so draft laws would be breaking the very foundation of what our country is built on. Soldiers in the USA are valued for their honor and courage in serving but if we institute a draft it would devalue these things. People believe soldiers to be courageous and honorable because they voluntarily go into dangerous situations for the good of others. With drafts people would no longer look at soldiers and think of these values. If we were to recruit through a draft those soldiers would no longer be voluntarily going into these situations and no longer appear courageous and noble.

Soldiers who volunteered to fight would be combined in people’s minds with the one’s who were forced into service lowering the general public’s opinions on soldiers. The values of the military reflect on the country, we want our soldiers to maintain the image of being brave and strong, but a draft would change that image. As they say, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Our country doesn’t currently have a draft and we are one of the most powerful countries in the world. We shouldn’t institute a draft with all these downsides if we don’t need to, and there are a lot of downsides. With the devaluation and destruction of some of our country’s greatest values, expence, and weakening of our military a draft would bring it is clear that the USA should not institute a draft law.

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