An Argument Against Online Education

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I do not agree with the choice made by students to go to high school via the internet. An online setting cannot provide the same experience an actual classroom can. A public school and a classroom can offer so much more, not only academically, socially too. Many people underestimate the amazing things humans can do. People can teach just as well as a computer and even provide help and answer questions. An online education doesn’t allow for any questions or extra help because of the fact that it isn’t possible.

I will never stand by online education just because of these reasons, and that is just scratching the surface.

There are many social benefits that can come from a public education. Socializing in general and learning how to work with others along with teamwork and leadership can all be achieved just by going to a public school. These skills will not only help you out in high school, but throughout your entire life.

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I have noticed ever since cell phones and social networking came out people’s social skills have gone down the drain. Therefore, in a world with increasingly more technology, why should the entire idea of public schooling be surpassed by a computer screen? People are not thinking of all of the great things a teacher and classroom can accomplish. Our teachers are the backbone of society. When you turned 5 or 6 you started school and up until 17 or 18 when you finished high school, even some will go to college, you had teachers and peers teaching and influencing you every which way.

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Whether you believe it or not, they shaped a lot of what you are today. I cannot imagine a computer screen doing that.

Now, for the academic portion of an online education. I cannot ignore the fact that some kids do not like high school and they do very well in this type of education. The fact is, it definitely isn’t for everybody and a lot of these kids do it because they think it is easier. When in reality, numerous things can happen to them that aren’t positive. Procrastination can set in when they aren’t being reminded and pushed to do something. Also, the pace might be a little too fast or even too slow for some kids. one of the big negatives, the learning style might not coordinate with the kid. A public school can deal with all of these issues and create a much better learning environment for any kid.

All in all, I have a very strong stance against online education. There are many crucial negatives to this type of learning. Kids will not only miss out on social aspects but academic ones too. I feel like a public school with a classroom and teachers is the better option for kids. An education isn’t something to be messing around with, it will impact your entire life! In conclusion public schooling has so much more to offer and I will always stand by it.

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