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An argument about abortion being immoral in all aspects Essay

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Abortion has been and still is an issue that is faced in today’s society. Many people accept it and many don’t. The definition of Abortion reads the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Abortion can be seen as a way out of one’s responsibility. Some people do not want to deal with a child. They may not be able to take care of the child, but Abortion is the completely wrong choice. It is not the fault of the unborn child.

Abortion destroys the future of the child and they have no control or say about it. Each child is a gift from God no matter what stage of life he or she is. Abortion takes the gift of life away. Something that takes away God’s gift is not morally acceptable. There have been recent articles written online by the New York Times that have been discussing the economic link with Abortion. It is a “dehumanizing argument.

In the New York Times article, it is stated: “opposition to abortion rights is a key factor keeping women and kids in poverty.” That is making the claim that not supporting abortion is contributing to women and children in poverty. The argument is that if a woman wants an abortion because she does not have the money to support the child, then she should be able to have one. The article goes on to say that this argument “reduces mothers and their children to mere economic objects.” Having a child has challenges, but those challenges do not justify killing children. There are three building blocks from Byron that deal with this issue. All humans no matter what stage of life they are in deserve human dignity. Human dignity is the bedrock principle. Humans also need to have respect for human life. Even though the child has not been born yet, it still deserves the same respect. People need to realize what is common good. Abortion does not encourage the common good because it is taking away someone’s life.

In Rerum Novarum, one of the main guiding principles is that “all have been created by, strive toward, and have been redeemed by God; divine grace and the goods of nature belong equally to all.” The gift of a child is from God. An abortion destroys that. God has given us his grace, and when someone has an abortion they are taking that away from the child. The child has no control over what happens, but he or she is entitled to live out the graces he or she has been given.

In Pacem in Terris, the document outlines rights. One of the rights is the “right to life and worthy standard of living, including rights to proper development of life and to basic security.” Abortion does not allow the right to proper development of life. The child has no chance to live out he or she’s life which it is right too. Gaudium et Spes speaks on the Nature of Humans. We are “created in God’s image.” God creates all of us in His liking and abortion destroys the beauty of his work.

Octogesima Adveniens suggests that as Christians we need to reflect on “changing situations of the world and applying Gospel principles” to them. With abortion being a problem in the world we need to look to the gospels and to teachings on how to properly deal with the issue in the best way. Sollicitudo Rei Socialis highlights that we need to have an awareness of human dignity and human rights which speaks right to Abortion in the sense that there is a fundamental right to life. The people who think that Abortion is a good thing need to reflect on the issue and come to a realization about it. The Catholic social teaching documents speak about why we need to respect human life because God gave it to us.

I do not support Abortion. I think it is completely wrong to take the life away from someone who has had no chance to live out he or she’s life. God has the plan for all of us from the beginning. He wants us to be successful and to prosper, but the foolish ideas and carelessness take that away for some people. If someone does not want or cannot take care of a child they are having Abortion should not be the choice. There are many better options such as adoption. With adoption, the child can still live a great life. All of the documents have something to say about this issue either directly or indirectly. Byron’s building blocks of human dignity, respect for human life, and common good relate to this issue. Abortion is immoral in all aspects.

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