History and Relationship Between Biogenesis and Cell Theory

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In this talk, I will show my knowledge of many different topics of cellular life. I will explain the biogenesis theory, the cell theory, the history of both theories and how they are related to each other. I will also talk about the scientific method and why it is important to science. Abbey Spallonzani used the scientific method in his experiment on biogenesis. The scientific method is a set of rules or principles that are used in research and experiments. Objectivity is an attempt to observe things as they are.

Approach is the use of inductive or deductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning is the use of results from observations and experiments with more general hypotheses and theories.

Deductive reasoning is using the exact results of previous experiments. Deductive reasoning began to be used in the mid-1800s when Louis Pasteur was offered a prize if he could prove the theory of abiogenesis. Abiogenesis is the belief that living things can come from non-living things.

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Biogenesis is the belief that living things come from other living things. He used the previous experiments of Francis Rady, John Needham, Abbey Spallanzani, and many others to develop a strategy. He made swan-neck flasks with holes large enough to allow air to pass through, but without microorganisms.

He boiled lamb broth and poured it into jars, and the broth was stored for over a year without spoiling. This proved that the theory of abiogenesis was wrong. In previous experiments, organisms and flies had managed to attack the broth, but since the swan-necked jars prevented them from accessing it, this proves that nothing can grow from an inanimate object.

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Cell theory is a set of rules that are true for all living things. A cell can only be created by another cell. All living things have at least one cell. Cells are the fundamental structure of all organisms.

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