An Analysis of the Role of Women in the Odyssey, a Poem by Homer

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Women weren’t taken seriously for much in human history. There were things that men were allowed to do, but women wouldn’t even dare to think about. Basically, they were puppets used by men and those who were rich. They were treated as the weaker gender, the gender who was not capable of doing a man’s job. In resume, they would be used and had to follow orders.

In The Odyssey, Odysseus was known as an epic hero, a brave, challenging, intelligent man.

No one actually saw him as the unfaithful husband. In his journey back to his sweet home, he had made love to a women. Circe is the one who he had made love to, she was beautiful and evil at the same time. His little adventures were seeing as sacrifices to save his crew. “And now that you have me here, with deceitfulness in your heart you bid me to go to your bed in your chamber…” it was mentioned in the Odyssey as a demonstration of his unfaithfulness on page 128.

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The Odyssey starts by the end of the Trojan War. The whole war started because of Helen leaving her husband. Menelaus had made love to many women, and everyone knew and that wasn’t a big deal. Eventually, when she left the King of Sparta for the young King of Troy the whole world turned around. I believe it was a right for her to leave Menelaus because he didn’t actually loved her, he was with her because of her looks.

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He went to find her, not because he wanted her back. He went to kill her with his own hands for betraying him.

Also, the suitors of Penelope wanted to be with her ruling Ithaca. In the book page 13, Telemachus claims, “Gentlemen, you pretend to marry my mother, but you are behaving in a most outrageous fashion.” One of the suitors responds, “I do hope Cronion will never make you the king in our island of Ithaca…” From this respond, I had come to believe that they want to be king of Ithaca by marrying Penelope. Three of her suitors, Antinous, Eurymachus, and Amphinomus wouldn’t leave Penelope’s house until she decides to marry one of them. Clearly those three are the ones who actually really want to take Odysseus place.

In addition, the suitors saw Penelope as a target. Penelope was the only path they can take to become king of Ithaca. In page 13, paragraph 4 Telemachus responds, “I dare say it might annoy you, Antinoos, but I should be glad to accept this…” His respond was towards Antinoos, since he had argue that Telemachus In summary, I had proven the role that women had in The Odyssey. It is quite clear that their role had nothing to do with being helpful to men, but to please them. I would say that some of them were more like slaves, rather than a woman, a human being. Most of them were house mom, their job was to care and help their children. They were to stay in the house and nothing else, they cleaned, they fed, and they helped. I’m pretty sure, they wanted to do more, or either they wished to be more like a man.

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